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Building Quality into Software


A better way to build software

Tiempo Quality System

As a flexible, well-tested, agile framework, the Tiempo Quality System structures our approach and serves as the key delivery vehicle to ensure a productive client and team interaction and facilitate efficient creation of the powerful software clients need.

The vast expertise and extensive resources present in our nearshore development centers ensure that the Tiempo Quality System delivers on our client’s innovative vision.At any time during a client engagement, Tiempo assesses the velocity, reliability, and quality of its work by using performance indicators established together with clients, which enables us to address any issues as soon as they arise or stay clear of many potential problems entirely.

  • User stories drive Tiempo’s development efforts, ensuring that our work is always closely connected to the real-life concerns of the people depending on it.
  • Agile methodology typically proceeds in time boxed sprints to address clients’ requirements in their order of priority, quickly delivering usable results and enabling a fast cycle of feedback and enhancement.
  • The Tiempo process avoids any ambiguity by using such tools as the Tiempo Development Configurator, which measures more than fifty different variables at play in software development including coding standards, skills and technologies required, testing parameters, and success criteria.
  • Initial Modeling
  • Planning
  • Organization

Iteration Planning Meeting

Customer Process Analysis

User Stories

Update Product Backlog

I t e r a t i o n 1 , 2 , 3 . . . n


Daily Work Cycle

  • Test
  • Development
  • Refactoring
  • Daily Meeting
  • Testing
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Coding
  • Code Review
  • Unit Testing

Iteration Retrospective

Iteration Review

Product Increment

Release N



Download our TQS white paper and you will learn:

  • The five steps to be sure the software you develop is the right software for your business
  • How to learn from each iteration of the software, to keep the final product on track
  • Why process is as important as teams in producing quality software

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