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Tiempo offers the TQS discipline to every client.

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As a flexible, well-tested, agile framework, the Tiempo Quality System serves as the key delivery vehicle to ensure the efficient creation of world-class software.  TQS brings together best practices from enterprise, mid-market and cloud development into a single system that is configurable to most any development project.  It’s not static, but rather allows companies to customize the development process to their needs without the uncertainty that comes from starting from scratch.   Tiempo offers the TQS discipline to every client.

Clients Benefit From Our Mature Agile Software Development Outsourcing Practices

Tiempo has developed world-class software for many leading US companies using the TQS model.  The proven benefits of this agile development methodology are predictable and include the following:

  • Higher quality software that performs better and aligns with business strategy
  • Improved rhythm of delivery and faster release intervals
  • Self-organized and cross-functional teams that are optimized
  • Faster time-to-market and shorter time to value
  • Rapid feedback and continuous improvement throughout all processes
  • Improved communication and collaboration of all stakeholders

Our Agile Methodology: The Tiempo Quality System

Tiempo plans and ‘configures’ over 50 distinct aspects of the development process. Using the configurator, Tiempo teams and their clients can plan the process from kick-off meetings to requirements, coding, planning, testing, feedback and continuous improvement.

The configurator sets the baseline for requirements. Then, Tiempo consultants work with clients to develop a clear understanding of how the software will be used and the desired outputs.  The User Stories define the specific needs and requirements, which are incorporated into the updated product backlog.  Backlogs are prioritized and work cycles are established – guided by daily stand-up meetings

TQS require the deployment of high performing teams – a central pillar of Tiempo Development.  Instead of relying on individual contributors, TQS entails groups of people, empowered with training, tools, systems and processes.  The teams are self-organized and self-managing.  Teams are comprised of members representing a cross section of all required skill sets.

  • Initial Modeling
  • Planning
  • Organization

Iteration Planning Meeting

Customer Process Analysis

User Stories

Update Product Backlog



Daily Work Cycle

  • Test
  • Development
  • Refactoring
  • Daily Meeting
  • Testing
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Coding
  • Code Review
  • Unit Testing

Iteration Retrospective

Iteration Review

Product Increment

Release N



Agile Artifacts

Throughout the TQS process, specific artifacts are created to manage the development and deployment of software.  Though they might differ slightly from client to client, most commonly found artifacts of TQS include:

The Product Backlog

A prioritized list of all the User Stories that will be built throughout that release.

The Release Plan

Details how that release will be accomplished such as dates, specific features to include, and how it will be accomplished.

The Iteration Backlog

Records the work to be completed during that sprint.

Burndown/Cumulative Charts

Shows where the process is relative to accomplishing all the work required to meet the goals of the sprint.

Retrospective Reports

Impediment lists are built throughout the process that show how impediments will be resolved.

Our Agile Software Development Processes Are 10 Years in the Making

Our clients have been using different versions of TQS for almost a decade.  The methodology has evolved by distilling years of learnings into very specific sets of practices and processes, updated annually, for managing the people, technology and processes of software development.  The scope of TQS spans the entire software engineering process. It results in an environment and discipline that achieves predictable and repeatable results over time.

Based on success of our TQS agile methodology and nearshore model in developing software, Tiempo Development has expanded the process to include best practices for recruitment, hiring and managing teams, and other standard business processes.

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