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Tiempo Development experts deliver consistently high-quality results by following our proven Agile nearshore development framework, the Tiempo Quality System, or TQS.

We’ll get into more detail further down the page, but TQS combines best practices drawn from our experience working with enterprise, mid-market, and cloud development projects and combined into a single system that can be tailored to just about any development project.

That said, TQS isn’t a one-size-fits-all process.

It’s a dynamic approach to development that allows companies to customize the development based on their unique needs, while at the same time, eliminates the uncertainty that comes with starting from scratch.

Below, we’ll describe our process, as well as how our clients benefit from our Agile development methodology.

Our Agile Development Methodology Promotes Quality, Velocity, & Scalability

Tiempo Development is an agile software development company that consistently delivers world-class software solutions to leading US companies using our unique TQS model.

This Agile development methodology delivers replicable success to clients, offering a wide range of proven benefits that include the following:

Inside Our Agile Methodology: The Tiempo Quality System

As mentioned above, Tiempo’s TQS system is not a one-size-fits-all solution. At the start of every new engagement, our team works directly with the client to plan and ‘configure’ over 50 distinct aspects of the development process.

The configurator sets the baseline for requirements, allowing Tiempo teams and their clients to plan the process from kick-off meetings to requirements, coding, planning, testing, feedback, and continuous improvement.

Tiempo consultants work with clients to develop a clear understanding of how the software will be used and the desired outputs.

The User Stories define the specific needs and requirements, which are incorporated into the updated product backlog. Backlogs are prioritized and work cycles are established – guided by daily stand-up meetings.

From there, we’ll assemble a team of experts from a cross-section of all required skill sets. Instead of relying on individual contributors, TQS’ Agile development methodology achieves client objectives with its high performing teams.

As is the case with all things Agile, our process is a collaborative one, in which groups of people are empowered with the training, technologies, systems, and culture that drive results.

The teams are self-organized and self-managing, which means that clients don’t have to worry about training and onboarding new hires. Instead, our experts bring deep knowledge of a wide range of technologies and Agile processes to the table. Plus, because we’re based out of Mexico, our high-performing teams operate in the same time zones as their US clients (and understand the nuances of US culture, too).

  • Initial Modeling
  • Planning
  • Organization

Iteration Planning Meeting

Customer Process Analysis

User Stories

Update Product Backlog



Daily Work Cycle

  • Test
  • Development
  • Refactoring
  • Daily Meeting
  • Testing
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Coding
  • Code Review
  • Unit Testing

Iteration Retrospective

Iteration Review

Product Increment

Release N



Our Agile Software Development Services Include Client-Specific Artifacts

Throughout each project, our experts create specific artifacts to manage software development and deployment. And while these artifacts might vary from client to client, typical artifacts associated with the TQS process might include:

The Product Backlog

A prioritized list of all the User Stories that will be built throughout that release.

The Release Plan

Details how that release will be accomplished such as dates, specific features to include, and how it will be accomplished.

The Iteration Backlog

Records the work to be completed during that sprint.

Burndown/Cumulative Charts

Shows where the process is relative to accomplishing all the work required to meet the goals of the sprint.

Retrospective Reports

Impediment lists are built throughout the process that show how impediments will be resolved.

An Agile Development Framework 10 Years in the Making

Tiempo’s clients have been using different versions of TQS for almost a decade. As is characteristic of Agile, our Agile software development services continue to evolve along with the business landscape and available technologies.

The methodology has evolved by distilling years of learning into very specific sets of practices and processes, updated annually, for managing the people, technology, and processes of software development.

The scope of TQS spans the entire software engineering process. It results in an environment and discipline that achieves predictable and repeatable results over time.

Based on the success of our TQS Agile development methodology and nearshore model, we’ve expanded the framework so that it now includes best practices for recruitment, hiring, and managing teams, launching new initiatives, and more.

To learn more about Tiempo’s Agile software development outsourcing services and our TQS process, contact an expert today.

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