10 Resources to Learn Java for Free

Java is a general-purpose programming language that has been around for over 25 years and remains an incredibly popular language still today.  Java is a relatively easy-to-learn programming language and is an incredibly secure programming language.  In an IoT world where data security is incredibly important, Java programmers are in high-demand.

In addition to general programming, Java is a great language for AI programming.  As machine learning and artificial intelligence continues to advance, more and more will be automated with AI and that means that more Java programmers will be needed to meet the demand.  If you want to learn a language that will prove very useful for a wide array of programming applications and help keep you competitive in the technology industry, Java is a great programming language to learn.  Fortunately, you do not have to investment thousands or even hundreds of dollars in your education!  While there are many excellent courses and tutorials for learning Java at a fee, there are many free resources that can teach you how to program Java without any financial investment!

10 Resources to Learn Java for Free

  1. Codecademy
    • Codecademy is one of the best free resources for learning various programming languages, including Java. Once you have registered for a free account you will have access to a wealth of Java programming knowledge.
  2. Coursera
    • Coursera is another outstanding resource for all things programming. Their free tutorials will help you master the basics and they even have tutorials in multiple languages, making their free tutorials more accessible for people around the world!
  3. CodingBat
    • CodingBat has many different completely free Java tutorials. Once you have registered, there are multiple different tutorials that will take you from the beginning through more advanced Java coding.
  4. Udemy
    • Udemy has a multitude of online courses, including free Java programming courses. While they offer many (50+) free tutorials, you can also pay a small fee to upgrade your account which will make 700+ Java programming tutorials available to you!
  5. EDX
    • EDX offers some truly unique and cool free programming courses directly from prestigious schools like MIT and Harvard. They have both free options and options to upgrade your account for a small fee which offers things like unlimited access to Java course materials, graded assignments, and a certificate if you pass.
  6. LearnJava
    • LearnJava has many tutorials for various programming languages, including Java. They have free Java tutorials for both beginners and advanced programmers.
  7. Oracle Java Tutorials
    • Oracle, a leading software development company, has opened its knowledge and experience to the public by offering free online Java programming tutorials. Their tutorials are specifically aimed at using the Java language to create applications.
  8. SoloLearn
    • SoloLearn has a comprehensive library of tutorials for those that want to not only learn but master Java. Their completely free tutorials are incredibly informative and they even have a mobile app for learning on-the-go!
  9. JavaWorld from IDG
    • JavaWorld is a free beginner’s library that teaches users the essentials of Java programming concepts, syntax, APIs, and packages.
  10. Skillshare
    • Skillshare has a full library of free Java programming tutorials. While most of the Java tutorials here are targeted towards beginners, there are intermediate and advanced courses as well.

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