3 Dilemmas Solved by Nearshore Software Development

Running into some roadblocks on your latest development project? You aren’t alone. If you’re facing challenges, then you’re probably already researching outsourcing development talent. If you are then you’ve probably heard about partnering with Nearshore software firms.

So why are more businesses using Nearshore partners to overcome challenges here in software development?

3 Challenges of Nearshore Software Development

1. The wrong time zone can kill your Time to Market.

Offshoring development work to countries in Asia and Eastern Europe can create a major time crunch. Having your in-house and off-site development team on opposite time zones means fewer shared hours for collaboration. This can make it tougher to meet launch deadlines.

Even when an offshore partner in an opposing time zone works the same business hours, that can come at the cost of quality due to a lack of rest and work life balance.

When partnering with a Nearshore provider, your team works with a development team in a nearby country, (usually Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica or Argentina), with similar business hours versus across the globe with communication challenges and differences of 12+ hours.

A decade ago, offshoring development work to countries in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe was the norm, but since 2005 this development talent is moving closer to home. Nearshoring is the new approach of North American businesses looking for partners with compatible working cultures and similar working hours, and the tech industry in Mexico is on fire.

Gartner Inc. ranked Mexican IT in the top 3 globally because the industry in Mexico is rapidly booming at 3x the global average.

2. Major talent shortage? Not in Mexico

According to Forbes, the United States produces fewer STEM graduates each year, but Mexico is booming. With more than 600,000 Mexican professionals already working in Technology and another 65,000 new graduates every year from the country’s technical and engineering schools, Mexico is closing the talent gap. And even though it’s already home to more than 2,000 Technology companies, there is still more talent than demand.

Over the last five years, more engineers and technicians graduated from specialized high schools and universities in Mexico on average than in Canada, Germany or even Brazil with almost twice the population.

Mexico’s engineering community jumped by .2 million in recent years. But even while higher education is quickly advancing and becoming more prevalent in Mexico, the domestic job market is not. This lack of alignment between supply and demand of fresh development talent is leaving more of it open to Nearshore working environments.

At Tiempo Development we have seen this growth on our team. In fact, we opened our fourth development center in Mexico last year in addition to our corporate headquarters in Tempe, AZ.

3. You can’t go Agile without constant contact.

One of the biggest factors driving the demand for Nearshore development talent started right here in the United States, and that’s Agile Development. Agile was started because of the common pitfalls businesses encountered using the traditional or “Waterfall” method.
To use Agile software development, your teams require constant communication – that’s virtually impossible when half of your team is on the other side of the globe.

Keeping your teams flexible and in active communication for regular testing makes it difficult to use Agile software development techniques when groups of people are not in close touch during working hours. You just can’t manage a scrum effectively over thousands of miles and opposing time zones. This has created a major challenge for companies that are still offshoring their development.

So, what exactly is Agile Development? Since its launch seventeen years ago, Agile has quickly become the best practice for most Development teams. That’s because of the ability to generate faster results with a higher level of quality using the Agile methodology.

Traditional software development models take up to 12 months to implement and to realize a real ROI. However, using Agile’s bite-sized approach, developers enjoy faster outcomes and profits. And unlike Waterfall software development, with Agile, developers can find and address any issues and bugs along the way – testing throughout project development instead of at the end of the project. This means more advantages for developers, and added support in the discovery of coding flaws or other bugs.

Most agile software development outsourcing firms have transitioned from the Waterfall development method to Agile for a shorter Time-to-Market and quicker results.

How does it work? Agile software development fast-tracks software and app development to increase quality, boost agility and greatly decrease Time-to-Market.

This model breaks up all the individual steps or pieces of the project or application into smaller functionalities called “stories.” All of these stories are organized on a central storyboard for a clear picture before the team executes each separate functionality in order of priority.

If you’re interested in outsourcing development talent, and going Agile, finding a Nearshore partner is really your best and only option. Tiempo Development supports Agile with our proprietary Agile product lifecycle management framework called Tiempo Quality System (TQS). It is composed of principles and best practices that ensure productive client and team interactions and as a result, efficient software development.

Get Better Results with Nearshore Software Development
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