3 Reasons a Distributive Team Can Get Results (Faster)

Whether your company is still in the startup stages, or you’ve been in business for over a decade, your ability to innovate and increase your Return on Investment means achieving a faster Time to Market on your budget. Completing all of your development projects in-house can work, but sometimes it can hold your business back.

Why? As consumer expectations, technological advancements and organizational IT needs rapidly evolve, business goals are always changing. Fewer businesses in any industry maintain static needs, and more enterprises are moving past outdated legacy systems. Keeping pace with innovation isn’t optional anymore; it’s the price of staying in business.

That is why more businesses find external support for faster innovation with one of the following delivery models:

  • Staff augmentation
  • Distributive team

What are the advantages of Staff Augmentation?

1. Easily add or reduce employees based on skills and projects.

When you augment your staff, your business can add or reduce the amount of employees based on the skills and support required for your evolving development process. Staff augmentation also alleviates extra costs associated with hiring more full-time employees. Quickly expand your team as needed.

2. Quickly expand your team as needed.

If you’re looking for expertise in specific areas, staff augmentation can quickly help you fill seats along with any apparent skills gaps. You can also add new skill sets to the team to better leverage both external and internal resources. This option gives you control over your staff when you’re focused on budget and resource management.

Staff augmentation can also be fluid and fast to integrate with your existing internal processes, but it isn’t the perfect solution. Additional training may be required to bring your augmented staff up-to-speed. Additionally, flawed internal Development processes can have a negative impact on your augmented resources.

Augmenting staff lacks economies of scale and increases management overhead. It can be difficult to find staffing firms for augmentation that don’t take a putting-bodies-in-seats-approach. Even if you do, the responsibility of showing results and meeting deadlines still rests squarely on your shoulders.

What are the benefits of having a Distributive team instead?

Outsourcing with a nearshore partner to create a distributive team (made up of internal resources and outsourced development talent) lets you execute a complete IT project with the support of additional resources. Sometimes, this means “out-tasking” specific parts of a project, other times it means working collaboratively across teams with shared workloads and responsibilities.

Here are three unique benefits you can enjoy when using a distributive team model instead:

1. Save valuable resources.

Using a distributive team can be more cost-effective than bringing on new employees and keeps your resources focused on important core operations.

While staff augmentation usually includes additional training costs, any educational initiatives are covered by your nearshore partner. They will also manage the adoption, maintenance, and enhancement of new development strategies and best practices.

2. Enjoy the scalability of a distributive team.

Using a distributive team is also a highly scalable option with significant leverage for negotiating major contracts. Having a distributive team won’t increase your management overhead since it’s the responsibility of your nearshore partner.

3. Leverage a team of blended expertise and best practices.

When you partner with a nearshore provider, your distributive team can include a range of experiences and blended talents that really become an extension of your internal development team. Your in-house team benefits from the skills and best practices of outside experts.

Your partner builds your nearshore team by aligning their experience and expertise with your specific needs and the expertise on your internal team.

At Tiempo, we don’t just fill seats like some augmenting staffing agencies, instead we partner with you to create a team with the skills you need for results on your projects. Our employees will be involved every step of the way with suggestions for improvements in processes and fresh best practices to keep you delivering timely results. Our team experiences extremely low turnover, meaning fewer interruptions and a faster Time to Market for you.

About Tiempo Development

At Tiempo, we are making the business of software development easier and more affordable with a unique combination of a nearshore business model, agile methodology, and advanced talent management. Our Development teams engineer powerful technologies that align with the goals and strategies of our customers for both their internal and public-facing development initiatives. Tiempo’s proprietary agile product-lifecycle management framework called Tiempo Quality System or TQS, is composed of principals and best practices that ensure productive client and team interactions. The result is efficient software development that enables Tiempo to support companies in launching software releases sooner – without draining important resources.