3 Signs You Need a Quality Assurance Team (and How We Can Help)

Top 3 Signs a Quality Assurance Team Should be a Priority

Need Quality Assurance services? In assembling their software development teams and roadmaps for the year, some business leaders think they can skip QA testing. After all, you’ve hired talented developers and your customers will tell you if something is wrong with your software or app, right?

Not so fast! User experience is reshaping software development, and no one knows more about that than Quality Assurance experts. Each year consumers expect more from brands on their mobile applications and online. Software development teams can’t move fast enough, or accurately enough.

Even a few negative user experiences can impact your brand online. Whether it results in a low app rating or a customer complaint on social media or a review site, a few overlooked bugs can wreak havoc on your company’s reputation and on your team’s Return on Investment. All while slowing down outcomes that you’re racing to beat your competitors to, annoying right?

If you’re still unsure whether or not you need Quality Assurance services on your side, we’ve included three unmistakable hints below:

1. Your Time-to-Market is getting held up by last-minute bug fixes.

Are project timeframes growing with the amount of issues or bug fixes you have to build into your roadmap? If you find that these issues are consistently blocking your team from reaching their goals on time, it’s a clear sign that you need an experienced Quality Assurance team, no matter how talented your Development team is.

Functional Testing is paramount to ensuring the quality of software ahead of its release. This testing takes a closer look at how your hardware, software, Web Site, and/or internal application performs according to its functional expectations. Functional Testing involves a rapid series of tests that validate the application behavior. It applies a wide range of regular and purposely incorrect input data to test how the software responds every time.

2. You’re trying to go Agile.

Traditional software development models can take up to a year to implement and to realize a true ROI. That’s why more and more businesses have transitioned their Development teams to model the Agile methodology. This strategy addresses any software complications along the way. Using Agile’s bite-sized approach, developers enjoy faster outcomes and profits.

Unlike the traditional, or Waterfall, software development, with Agile, your team can uncover and address any issues and bugs while the software is still in progress – testing throughout project development instead of at the end of the project. This means better advantages for a more accurate and functional outcome, and added support in the discovery of coding flaws or other bugs. However, it isn’t possible to truly take advantage of an Agile model’s ability to drive quality and user experience without vetted Quality Assurance professionals testing your software every step of the way. Testing during these phases or within stories is what this development methodology is built upon. You can’t truly go Agile without Quality Assurance and a consistent commitment to testing.

To work with this software development model, you need a Quality Assurance team to center testing around your software products and sync with your individual business goals, including product backlog creation, user stories definition and life cycles, testing and executions plans, testing processes, defect management, tracking and triage.

3. Your retention rates aren’t what they should be.

If you’re losing customers (or end-users) at an alarming pace, they could be jumping ship because of bugs or issues in the software or just not experiencing a clear and easy-to-navigate interface.

Quality Assurance isn’t just used to test and find flaws in your software; it helps to measure the effectiveness of your user experience. User experience is everything the industry is talking about these days, and that’s because a positive experience creates loyalty, growth and higher usage rates.

Quality Assurance teams utilize user tests to validate that a software solution is intuitive and simple to use. This testing provides important insight into aspects like navigation, in business processes, and your typical user behavior.

QA testing for UI/UX also validates interactive elements on every last screen, explores navigation flows, uncovers ease of navigation, and finds any redundant or low-value information. It also ensures that your display elements are fitting.

At Tiempo, our Nearshore Development and Quality Assurance teams can help you create a clean, simple, and refined user experience. Learn how to fast track your projects and increase your ROI within weeks.

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