3 Ways Agile Will Power Your Time-to-Market (with a Distributive Team)

3 Reasons Agile Improves Time to Market

Has your development team gone Agile yet? What about Distributive? If you answered ‘no’ to the first two questions then the only question left to ask yourself is, why?

With the proven time-savings and accuracy-driving best practices that fuel Agile development, using the traditional or Waterfall method is actively costing your team time, resources, and Return-on-Investment.

So, what is Agile Development? Agile development uses a bite-sized approach to generate faster outcomes and higher quality software. The model breaks up all the individual steps or pieces of the project or application into smaller functionalities that are called “stories.”

Each story is then organized on a central storyboard for a clear vision before the team executes each separate functionality one-by-one in order of priority.

The Agile software methodology was started because of the common challenges businesses face using the traditional or Waterfall method. Since its launch almost two decades ago, Agile has quickly become the popular approach for Development teams everywhere.



Here are the three ways Agile methodology and a Distributive team will propel your Time-to-Market for faster results:

1. Bugs are eliminated, end of story.

Using traditional or Waterfall software development, QA engineers and analysts didn’t test the software till it was fully prepared for launch. With Agile methodology, developers can quickly find and address any issues or bugs along the way – they are eliminated almost instantly, one “story” at time.

With Agile, developers and their QA teams test the software at each stage of project development instead of at the end of the project. Even a couple negative user experiences can quickly impact your brand online. Negative user experiences can result in low app ratings and yield negative responses on social media or review sites. A few overlooked bugs can damage your company’s reputation and shortchange your Return-on-Investment.

Using the Agile method, your team can quickly build out new features while testing them every step of the way so you don’t have to go back and make fixes or adjustments later. This streamlines the Quality Assurance process, letting QA analysts and developers test the software or application one step or feature at a time.

How can we help? Tiempo‘s Development team works on an Agile model for faster results. We also offer complete Quality Assurance and testing services, learn more here.

2. Knowledge is power and communication is key.

Having a distributive team means a blend of backgrounds, knowledge and skill sets. Using a Nearshore distributive team like Tiempo taps into the different sets of expertise and working experience, all while enjoying shared time zones.

This is perfect because it allows you to access a variety of resources while giving both sides of your team plenty of shared working hours to communicate and collaborate for faster and more robust results.

3. Agile Methodology was built for a faster Time-to-Market on fewer resources.

Traditional software development models take up to a year in total to implement and to realize a true Return-on-Investment. However, using Agile’s bite-sized approach, developers enjoy faster outcomes and profits. That also means that once the software launch or initiative is completed on a faster time frame, you may not need the same amount of resources to maintain your newly developed technology.

That’s part of what makes a distributive Nearshore team perfect for development projects you are fast-tracking with Agile. You can power your team with all the necessary resources and knowledge during the development stages and then easily scale back and reduce your in-house team for maintenance once development is complete. This saves you resources down the road and means a greater ROI, all on a shorter Time-to-Market.



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