3 Ways to know if a Nearshore Development Group is Really a Partner

What’s the difference between a nearshore vendor and a true development partner? This week we sat down with John Fraser, Tiempo’s Chief Marketing Officer, to learn what makes an outsourcing Development team a partner and how to find the right one.

1. So what’s the difference between an outsourcing vendor versus an outsourcing partner?

There are some clear differences between an outsourcing vendor and an outsourcing partner, but they can be tough to identify. First, a vendor provides outsourcing services for any outsourced project for a fee. However, an outsourcing partner provides much more than that.

That’s because they are intimately involved and invested in your success and your business – a partner wants to know your team members and how they function and looks to understand your ultimate goals and objectives.

At Tiempo, we are intimately invested in the success of our partners. Their wins are our wins because our team truly becomes an extension of their own. Providing a service is easy, but a partner truly acts as an extension of your existing team.

2. How can you tell if an outsourcing partner is the right fit for your business?

It’s important that you and your outsourcing partner have similar cultures. You need to be comfortable in providing expectations and feedback to your partner. If issues arise, you need to be comfortable addressing them with your partner so you can tackle them head-on as a team.

When you have an outsourcing partner, it’s more than a vendor, there’s a relationship there. That means the chemistry needs to be there too.

You can feel out the culture by meeting with any potential partners first. Learn about their experience, get to know their personality, and ask about their company values and how they communicate. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about how they deal with constructive feedback as well, or how they have handled any setbacks in the past.

When you meet with a potential partner, you need to interview them like you would any potential partner or employee candidate. The communications in that initial meeting can usually give you a good idea of what the tone will be and how your teams might interact in the long run.

3. What are some warning signals that a potential partner might not be right for you?

Listen to your instincts, especially during that interview we just talked about. Don’t be afraid to ask for references. If you aren’t comfortable communicating with the potential partner, or, with the answers they are giving during the initial meeting (or their lack of references) then you need to keep looking.

Also, if the Development group isn’t using Agile methodologies, don’t go any further. The Agile project model breaks projects into smaller tasks called “sprints” to achieve results faster and with greater accuracy. When you find the right outsourcing partner you’ll have an organic connection. It should feel like your team is setting up a second office.

At Tiempo, we are ready for your questions. Our team is actively invested in your project goals and your roadmap for innovation. We never stop looking for ways to help our clients achieve greater velocity, a faster Time to Market, and of course, a greater Return on Investment. A win for our client is always a win for us.

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