5 Resources That Will Make You Better at Artificial Intelligence

Software programming can be completed in several different programming languages depending on things like coding language preference, desired capabilities, deadline, etc. When it comes to artificial intelligence, you can use a wide array of programming languages and resources to complete your project. But, finding good resources that are accurate, helpful, and easy to understand can be somewhat challenging. We have compiled a list of 5 resources we believe will make you better at artificial intelligence so that you can be competitive in the fast-growing AI industry.

Top 5 Resources That Will Improve Your Skills in Artificial Intelligence

  1. Google AI

    • Google has created Google AI as a free resource that brings together the world’s information on AI in one central location. AI is for everyone and will impact everyone and Google knows that, which is why they are open sourcing the tools and systems that make it possible. Learn to code, learn machine learning, start fresh, or advance your skills – with Google AI’s wealth of resources, you are sure to learn something new that makes you better at AI.
  1. Python Programming for AI

    • Python is an incredibly popular programming language and that is certainly true for AI and machine learning. Python is easy to learn, has a massive library, and is very flexible (amongst other benefits), which makes it ideal from programming AI which can be very data-heavy. By opting for a programming language that even coding-newbies can use, AI and machine learning projects can be completed more accurately and more quickly, allowing products to get to market faster. There are many free and premium resources to learn Python, such as CodeAcademy, that will allow you to advance in the AI and machine learning space.
  1. Lisp Programming for AI

    • When it comes to programming flexibility, Lisp is supreme. DZone explains why Lisp is so popular for AI, “Lisp is used in AI because of its flexibility enables fast prototyping and experimentation which, in turn, facilitate Lisp to grow as a standard in AI development. For instance, Lisp has a unique macro system which facilitates exploration and implementation of different levels of intelligence. Lisp, unlike most AI programming languages, is more efficient in solving specific problems, as it adapts to the needs of the solutions a developer is writing. It is highly suitable for inductive logic projects and machine learning.” To advance your Lisp skills, Udemy has some great tutorials.
  1. Prolog Programming for AI

    • While Prolog is an old programming language, it is being used to advance new technologies like AI. Medium explains the advantages of using Prolog for AI, “It is a declarative language where each thing is dictated by facts and rules. It has a mechanism such as tree-based data structuring, automatic backtracking and pattern matching which is helpful for AI development.” Learn Prolog Now! has some great introductory courses to get started with Prolog for AI.
  1. Applied Course for Machine Learning

    • Want to take a deep dive into machine learning? Applied Course is your man for the job! Learn from the best with a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips on Applied Course. It has everything you need to start at the very beginning or advance your existing skills in machine learning.

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