7 Things Software Leaders Should Know About Artificial Intelligence

These are the Top Things Software Leaders Should Know About AI

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in the software development industry. A revolution is coming to the software development industry as we know it in the form of AI. Artificial intelligence utilizes machine learning to gather, categorize, analyze, and leverage data so that a machine can make intelligent decisions based on that data. As artificial intelligence advances, there is the strong possibility that it will be able to make more intelligent decisions than a human.

Because of the ability to streamline processes with improved efficiency and accuracy, and the fact that a machine can run nonstop, there is little doubt that artificial intelligence will play a critical role in the design, development, and deployment of software in the very near future. If you are an industry leader, work in the software industry, or are a thought leader in your industry, it is important that you have a good understanding of artificial intelligence and how it impacts software development. For this reason, we will take a closer look at some key points about AI.

Artificial Intelligence Will Not Replace Software Developers

We are still a long way away from all software being developed using only artificial intelligence. And, while the role of a software developer may look very different in the next 5-10 years, that does not mean the role will go away because of technology. What is more likely is that the specific tasks a software developer performs will change and software developers will also learn to work alongside artificial intelligence. It is likely that AI will be able to perform many of the more routine and simple tasks, enabling software developers to have more time to focus on complex problem solving. This combination will enhance and improve the process of software development, rather than take away from it.

Artificial Intelligence Makes Fully-Automated Software Testing Possible & Fast

Software testing is a critical component of product quality assurance. Traditionally, quality assurance testing is a very time-consuming, tedious, and fallible task because it depends on humans. But, there is only so much manpower, time, and resources which means that bugs or other software problems can come to light after the product has been released. With artificial intelligence, software testing will be dramatically enhanced, as Forbes notes, “This is already helping improve overall software quality, as using machine learning to test software is the natural next step after automation testing. We’re already seeing testers use bots to find software bugs. Meanwhile, an emerging area involves testing tools that can use AI to help testers find flaws in their software and then fix code automatically after finding a bug. As an example, last year the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) held a major event to develop systems that can automatically and autonomously “detect, evaluate and patch software vulnerabilities” to improve cybersecurity.”

Artificial Intelligence Enables Better Developers

Rather than replacing software programmers, artificial intelligence will become a tool that software programmers use to gain new knowledge, streamline processes, and ultimately, write better code. Medium excellently explains the marriage between artificial intelligence and software developers, “Acellere CEO Vishal Rai doesn’t see AI as a replacement for developers, but rather for augmenting intelligence. AI will be able to use archives of available data, process it and bring meaning to it. Developers will remain in control, but will be enlightened by the processes of AI.” Furthermore, developers will be relied upon more and more to designing and finding creative solutions to more complex software problems, freeing them from more repetitive tasks like testing and adding to the value they bring to an organization.

Error Management Will Become Automated with AI

Traditionally, when an error was found in software, a developer would need to go in and look to investigate what the problem is. Then, if an apparent problem could be found, work to correct it. This process, while perfectly fine, is time-consuming and error-prone. With AI, a software error can be automatically detected, diagnosed, and repaired without a developer ever having to touch it. This helps keep costs down and greatly improves efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence Provides Precise Software Developers

Software development estimates are always a challenging task because it is difficult to know what obstacles may be encountered along the way and just how over time and budget a project may go. Artificial intelligence can utilize all of its existing data from past projects and a variety of other factors that you want to include to help you determine a far more accurate software development estimate.

Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Way We Define a Leader

As artificial intelligence gets better and better at providing accurate insights that lead to better decision making, the level to which a leader has to rely on gut instinct will decline. Investors and stakeholders in organizations will be less compelled to rely on the guidance of an individual, and more on the guidance provided by complex algorithms leveraging millions, or even billions, of points of data. The role of a future leader will shift away from strategic decision-making, and towards the human and cultural side of a business, performing such tasks as mentoring junior employees, or corporate ethics.

Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Way Users Interact With Software

The real time implementation of AI in software will dramatically change the way users interact with software. As the software learns a users behavior and responds to action, the ability of the application to serve variable content, to automatically adjusting font sizing, to modifying button and element positioning, will result in a dynamic software experience that is tailor fit to the user interacting with it. This enhanced functionality continuous feedback gathered from users, will provide valuable tools to organizations, enabling improvement in areas like decreasing abandoned cart rates, or designing more useful, and accessible software.

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