A Business Leaders Guide to APIs

In this e-book, we explore everything you need to know about developing APIs for your business—starting with what they are, how they work, and the best practices for designing APIs. You will also learn about security tools, the critical roles of documentation and testing, and when it makes sense to develop open APIs vs. closed APIs.

We also discuss the evolving roles of APIs in driving business processes. From there, you can find out about overall enterprise strategies for APIs and specific strategies for designing, building and delivering APIs. Just as importantly, you can learn how to align your strategy with the marketplaces in which you plan to promote the use of your APIs.

The e-book closes with tips on measuring the value your APIs deliver and how to manage API lifecycles. Then it’s on to a discussion on the best ways to manage your consumption of third-party APIs.

To bring it all together, you can then learn about the role of an API product manager. And should the API journey prove too much to handle with internal resources, we give you advice for selecting an API partner.

Building and managing APIs the right way is critical because they play a crucial role in enabling your applications to talk with each other. These vital exchanges take place not only among websites and internal applications used to run daily business operations, but also when business partners need to exchange information with each other via integrated applications. In short, APIs help businesses get business done!

What You Will Learn in this eBook:

  • Chapter 1: What are APIs? How Do They Work?
  • Chapter 2: API Design Best Practices
  • Chapter 3: API Build Best Practices
  • Chapter 4: Delivery Options: Open vs. Closed APIs
  • Chapter 5: Applying API Keys for Security
  • Chapter 6: Most Popular API Authentication Methods
  • Chapter 7: API Security Best Practices
  • Chapter 8: Using a Gateway to Improve API Performance
  • Chapter 9: The Critical Role of API Documentation
  • Chapter 10: API Performance Testing: Ensure Users Can Always Access Services
  • Chapter 11: The Evolving Roles of APIs
  • Chapter 12: Developing an Enterprise API Strategy
  • Chapter 13: Aligning Your API Strategy with API Marketplaces
  • Chapter 14: KPIs to Measure the Value of Your APIs
  • Chapter 15: Full Lifecycle API Management
  • Chapter 16: Managing Third-Party API Consumption
  • Chapter 17: Understanding the Role of an API Product Manager
  • Chapter 18: Finding Help to Complete Your Journey

Published: September 30, 2020 | 81 pages

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