A Business Leaders Guide to Data Analytics

To many, big data analytics is just a buzzword–or shorthand for innovative technology that most laypeople don’t fully comprehend.

Gartner dropped the term from its hype cycle five years ago, and today, big data is just another fact of today’s business landscape.

Despite all of the buzz and widespread adoption, few businesses have realized the full potential of big data. In this e-book, we’ll explore the data analytics landscape starting with the basics. From there, we’ll dig into current trends and the emerging technologies transforming the space.

We’ll also cover challenges, use cases, and why data analytics projects live or die by your company culture. Finally, we’ll also look at practical considerations–specific use cases, implementation considerations, and most importantly, how to turn mountains of unused data into your most valuable business asset.

What You Will Learn in this eBook:

  • Chapter 1: What is Data Analytics?
  • Chapter 2: The Evolution Of Big Data Analytics Market
  • Chapter 3: The Current State of Analytics & Business Intelligence
  • Chapter 4: How Big Data is Transforming Industries in Big Ways
  • Chapter 5: Real-Time Processing of Data for IoT Applications
  • Chapter 6: How to Select the Right Data Analytics Tools & Platforms
  • Chapter 7: Why Data Analytics is Too Important to Ignore
  • Chapter 8: The Business Benefits of Data Analytics Pose Enormous Opportunity
  • Chapter 9: Current Issues and Challenges in Big Data Analytics
  • Chapter 10: What is Augmented Analytics?
  • Chapter 11: Roadmap for Implementing Big Data Analytics at Your Organization
  • Chapter 12: Best Practices for Managing Big Data Analytics Initiatives
  • Chapter 13: Data Analytics Cybersecurity Best Practices 80
  • Chapter 14: Data Analytics Role in Improving Customer Experience
  • Chapter 15: A Data Analytics Strategy for Mid-Sized Enterprises
  • Chapter 16: KPIs to Measure ROI from Data Analytics Initiatives
  • Chapter 17: Putting AI to Work to Derive Insights from Data Analytics
  • Chapter 18: Data Analytics Drives Business Intelligence
  • Chapter 19: Creating Business Value with Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
  • Chapter 20: Improve Business Outcomes Using Analytical Decision Making
  • Chapter 21: Ensuring Success by Partnering with a Mature Data Analytics Company
  • Chapter 22: The Future of Data Analytics – Data Analytic Trends

Published: September 30, 2020 | 145 pages

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