A Business Leaders Guide to Industrial IoT

A Business Leaders Guide to Industrial IoT

Over the past few decades, the rise of the internet, then WiFi, smartphones, and the cloud, has transformed the way we work, live, and stay connected.

While these innovations have drastically shaken up the global economy, we’re on the verge  transformation that could have an even more significant impact on the business landscape.

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) has graduated from buzzword. It is now moving toward the mainstream, driving disruption and unlocking major opportunities in sectors like manufacturing, mining, and logistics largely left behind during the “tech boom” years.

Already, organizations can capture real-time insights from historically lowtech assets like production equipment, raw materials, tractors, and even cows using embedded smart sensors. AI enabled robots are working collaboratively with humans.

This eBook offers an introduction to the Industrial IoT and the technologies that define it, from sensors and software to AI-driven analytics, digital twins, and edge computing. By reading you will discover how IoT is transforming industry, the enormous impact it can have on your organization, how to avoid the pitfalls, and how to select the right tools, platforms and partners that will enable successful adoption.

What You Will Learn in this eBook:

  • What is Industrial IoT and Why Does it Matter
  • The Current State of Industrial IoT
  • The Benefits of Industrial IoT and Its Impact on Manufacturing?
  • The Benefits and Challenges of OT and IT Convergence
  • The Challenges, Risks and Pitfalls of IIoT
  • How Edge Computing Enables Realtime Processing of IIoT Data
  • The Cybersecurity Considerations for IIoT
  • How to Create a Solid Plan for IIoT Implementation
  • What is the Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Industrial IoT
  • The Critical Standards and Best Practices for IIoT
  • How to Select the Right IIoT Platforms
  • What to Consider When Selecting an IIoT Partner

Published: June 16, 2020 | 88 pages




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