Augmented Analytics Case Study

Tiempo Enables Augmented Intelligence So Healthcare Organizations Can Transform Big Data For Positive Patient Outcomes

About the Client

Since 2007, the client has helped healtchare organizations transform data into more efficient patient services. The company’s solutions extract, normalize and enrich Big Data sets from which clients generate business intelligence reports. With the augmented analytics provided by the company, the healthcare ecosystem is able to drive more positive patient outcomes.

The Challenge: Keeping Project on Schedule Requires Resources from Same
Time Zone

The project called for the client to update its data visualization solution that permits healthcare companies to generate multiple levels of analysis on providers, payers, patient populations, diseases and treatments. To enhance the solution on time, additional resources would be required for software architecture, developing and testing as well as for program and release management. Efficient collaboration was a major requirement. The company wanted to find a partner who was always available during business hours who would clearly communicate status updates. Only then could the project stay on schedule.