Jeff Powers

Driving business transformations by leveraging technology has always fascinated me. I get excited about helping clients create a technology roadmap to deliver strategic value so they can reach that “flag on the top of the hill” and take their businesses where they need to go.

I also think of myself as a “student” of customer businesses and like to contribute to their revenue and growth. I seek opportunities that provide strategic—and at times revolutionary—competitive change for organizations. Sometimes it’s evolving the business model, but it could also be entering a new market, or engaging with customers more effectively to get a jump on the competition.

Throughout my career, I’ve collaborated with senior executives and led global IT organizations. I love being in the board room and converting technology visions into leading groups to deliver on that vision. It’s all about creating a dialog and asking the right questions. We may not know the answers right away, but through teamwork, we identify all the issues and eventually find all the answers we need.

Leading Without Authority to Drive Business Transformations

When collaborating with business and IT teams, I’ve always fit into groups as one of the leaders, leaning heavily on the “leading without authority” approach—where I try to earn the trust of individuals so they will follow, regardless of the assumed hierarchy. That is why I have been successful at managing across organizations—creating stories and missions people want to be a part of.

Examples of successful business transformation projects I’ve contributed to include a pharmaceutical company with a U.S. sales force of 500+. They relied on leave-behind brochures to sell products to doctors and did not have a centralized CRM platform. As the IT Director of Commercial Operations, I was the solution architect and led the team charged with transitioning into a new business model and supporting technologies. We deployed a unified CRM solution and converted the brochures to multi-media digital content that the sales reps can show to doctors on connected tablets. With this new approach, doctor interactions went from 1-2 minutes long on average to 10-15 minutes—quite an accomplishment in busy doctor offices.

At a health and beauty company that operated in 35 countries, I was the Global IT Director. As the architect and lead for both IT and the business team, we executed on a digital transformation project to consolidate their marketing activities and to reduce the number of customer-facing websites from 650 down to 60. We also lowered the number of marketing agencies the company relies on and created websites that continuously deliver dynamic, fresh content. With higher traffic on the websites, the company has increased its local market influence with both doctors and consumers.

Another firm for which I assisted with business transformation was a $2B energy exploration company where I was the CIO. With fragmented operations across the U.S., Asia and South America, each business unit ran stand-alone ERP systems and interacted with supply chains independently. We transitioned the decentralized ERP systems into a common model, enabling Procurement to establish global supply chain agreements. By consolidating the company onto a centralized SAP ERP platform, we also brought the Finance, Oil & Gas Production, Inventory, and Purchasing organizations together for the entire company. We then achieved the target of reducing the number of supply chain vendors and negotiated better terms from the remaining global suppliers. In the case of drilling and production pipe materials, we decreased costs by 8 percent, a savings of $23M annually.

Key Attributes for Helping Project Teams Achieve Success

As much as we love the opportunities made possible by the rapid evolution of technologies, success is only achieved through people. Throughout my career, I’ve learned many lessons—at times the hard way!

Along the way, I have evolved my critical soft skills to positively influence individuals. I love helping people grasp the mission, embrace their individual purpose, and become ambassadors in driving and delivering success.

Passions for Family Activities and Collaborating with Clients

On the personal side, I enjoy traveling, golfing, downhill and Nordic skiing, and fitness—particularly when I can experience these activities with my family. I also like to get involved in the community. I have served as a board member of a private K-12 school for eight years and as the head of a youth softball organization for three. I’m also in the fifth year of serving on the board for my city’s economic development program.

At Tiempo, my passion focuses on collaborating with clients across our entire solution set and for all phases of project lifecycles—from planning to building, modernizing, maintaining and enhancing. I help analyze business needs and then put all the technology puzzle pieces together in a way that allows clients to complete their business transformation journeys more efficiently.

Enter all conversations with big ears and a little mouth.”

Jeff Powers

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