Big Data Powers Successful Business Strategies

Big data powers successful business strategies thanks to nearshore development

SourceThought takes advantage of effective nearshore collaboration with Tiempo Development to evolve its innovative data shaping platform, SourceThought C4. In its engagement with SourceThought, Tiempo helps its client reach the market faster with competitive solution features. That accomplishment, in turn, helps businesses make strategic sense of big data from many different sources and become more competitive, valuable companies.

For SourceThought, incorporating outsourced software development into its operation was always part of the company’s strategy. Ron Frohock, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, explains, “We always expected to have a virtual, distributed team and one key motivation for outsourcing development was effectively accessing resources and gain essential scalability in a highly economical fashion.”

SourceThought’s collaboration with Tiempo took off from an auspicious beginning and has become more valuable and strategic since then. Says Frohock, “From the first conversation, Tiempo was not like other outsource developers I and my colleagues had been exposed to. Even before we got to discuss and explore complementary work styles and efficient collaboration, there was the matter of their convenient locations. We had worked with development services in such locales as India or the Ukraine, many time zones removed. Meetings and communications were always challenging to organize, and, at the very least, you put in a very long day to be able to connect with everybody you needed to speak to. I did not want to repeat that experience. Tiempo’s development centers are in time zones close to ours, which we found very attractive… When Tiempo assembled our team, the level of transparency and flexibility was very high. We were able to interview the candidates and make comfortable hiring decisions. This is by no means typical for outsource providers, offshore or nearshore.”


SourceThought C4 is designed to be able to import data from many different sources. Once the basic ingestion process is defined, adding more data sources can become a streamlined, repeatable effort. “Tiempo Development handles those ingestion processes for our solution,” says Frohock. “We queue them up for them, and they deliver. The ability to support more varied and a greater number of data sources is one of our primary competitive distinctions.”

For SourceThought, the Tiempo team also handles some enhancements to the solution’s core functionality and user maintenance issues. At this point, the Tiempo contributors know SourceThought C4 as well as anybody at SourceThought.

Read the full case study and learn how SourceThought takes advantage of effective nearshore collaboration with Tiempo Development to evolve its innovative data shaping platform here.

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