Building Nearshore & Offshore Company Culture

The holidays are upon us and with the celebration of Thanksgiving this week, it seems fitting that we focus on the appreciation of our greatest asset of all – our employees. At Tiempo Development we understand that our success, and that of our clients, is dependent upon those who are a part of our Tiempo family. We are fortunate to have talented teams of engineers whose longevity is valued, in an industry that suffers from frequent turnover. Our employees dedicate their time and energy to our unified effort of making lives better and for that we are incredibly thankful.

But, how is it done? We believe employees who are inspired, appreciated, encouraged and challenged to grow make exemplary employees. Which is why we prioritize developing a healthy company culture that allows teams to exemplify our core values in their work.

An Effective Work Culture Contributes to Lasting Value

Developing a healthy work culture does more than boost employee satisfaction. It also enables employees and teams to take ownership over the quality of their work, leading to a better product for our clients. One highly cited study by Harvard University Professor James L. Heskett found that an effective work culture can account for 20 – 30% of the differential in team performance when compared to “culturally unremarkable” teams. With the quality of our work culture having such a profound effect on the success of our clients, Tiempo Development has prioritized building teams with compatible cultures.

Building Culturally Compatible Teams

When we build teams that are culturally compatible, we are enabling open collaboration between our software engineers, management and clients. Software-enabled technologies are consistently challenged by evolving processes, methodologies, market trends, and other technologies. It is important for our team members to have open communication amongst one another and clients, establishing adaptability and welcoming creativity for a high quality product.

Tiempo Fest – A Week of Celebrating Company Culture

Once per year, Tiempo Development celebrates Tiempo Fest. The event lasts one week and features different team building exercises as well as discussions on company values. Also featured are activities that inspire our teams and employees to explore how company values are integrated into their everyday work.

Each day of the week highlights a different company value. All Tiempo employees, including our C-suite and managerial staff, participate in the events to strengthen our work culture. At the end of the week, we host a large picnic for employees and their families to partake in festivities in celebration of the close of Tiempo Fest.

The Tiempo Quality System and Customized Teams

When building teams for clients, we also take into consideration the intercommunication needs of our clients through our Tiempo Framework Configurator. The configurator gathers information about the client and their needs to align them with software engineers who share a compatible culture.

Our software engineers utilize the latest Agile methodologies to develop software-enabled technologies that fit the client’s exact needs. To receive the optimal benefits of the methodologies, team’s must have compatible communication styles, thinking processes, and collaboration approaches with the client.

At Tiempo Development, we believe that an effective work culture enables our teams to create innovative software solutions that surpass our client’s expectations. By proactively pursuing company values, our teams are motivated to prioritize open collaboration for adaptable software development.

Utilizing the best Agile methodologies, establishing a reliable rhythm of collaboration with clients is a major priority. Our Tiempo Quality System helps customize the software development team to the needs of the client for optimal collaboration. These dedicated teams often become an extension of clients’ teams and provide the longevity and stability that is so imperative to smooth development. To learn more about Tiempo Development’s approach to create your high-quality software, read our whitepaper about the Tiempo Quality System.

About Tiempo Development

Tiempo’s nearshore business model has become hugely successful because we have been able to leverage the talent Mexico is fostering, making software development easier and more affordable. Our Mexico software development teams engineer powerful technologies that align with the goals and strategies of our customers for both their internal and public-facing development initiatives using our product lifecycle management framework called Tiempo Quality System or TQS. This proven combination of resources, process, technology knowledge, industry expertise, and strong leadership provides our customers with cost-effective solutions delivered quickly from a pool of highly successful Mexican STEM graduates and experienced engineers. Our technical focus includes Microsoft infrastructure and security such as .NET and MSSQL; Java, LAMP and mobile application development. Find out more about outsourcing software development by contacting Tiempo today.

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