Building Solutions Clients Need – Notes From the Field Vol. 5

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To help our clients with the development of world-class software, we’ve created a series of papers called “Notes from the Field”. They cover a variety of topics and distill inputs from Tiempo team members that have spent their entire careers building software that “makes lives better”. In this installment, we address the ever-present topic of:

  • Building Solutions Clients Need.

We’ve aggregated over 40 pieces of candid guidance from scrum masters, project managers, developers, testers and others that have lived in the trenches with all kinds of development projects, large and small. You’ll see some tried and true advice, some common threads and maybe a few surprises and insights that can help guide your development efforts in the future. We hope you enjoy.

Published: November 20, 2019 | 12 pages

A Taste of What’s Inside:

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