Building Successful Software Development Teams and the Tiempo Configurator

Developing the highest quality software requires a premier team of talented developers with advanced technical knowledge and communication skills. This is especially important for outsourced software development where teams must effectively communicate with clients to understand their technological needs and environment.

Understanding Client Needs

At Tiempo Development, before we start building a team, we consult with the client to get a better understanding of their needs and specification requirements. We customize each solution to the client’s vision, developing a product that will retain its value overtime. To help us understand the needs of the client better, we developed a tool that guides our consultations called the Configurator.

Tiempo Development’s Configurator

The Configurator works in two phases. Phase one starts by asking our clients about their current technological platforms, the size and expertise of the existing team, and clarifying software development goals and how to infuse our services. Answers given by the client are then put into the Configurator allowing us to align our developers to the needs specified, organizing the skills and experience needed to create a client’s software effectively.

The second phase of the Configurator focuses on understanding the technical requirements of our clients and their familiarity with Agile practices. Depending on the nature and environment of the software’s use, some industries may have to meet specific standards and regulations that need to be followed. If the client doesn’t have a lot of experience in using Agile methodologies, we provide additional consulting to ensure that the client and software development team establish protocols for fluid communication.

Extensive Developer Profile Assessment

After the initial phase of the Configurator, we match the profiles of our software engineers to the client. All of our engineers have high-levels experience , degrees, are well versed in developing software across major industries, and are effective communicators. Our profiles are detailed with the expertise of each developer, matching engineers with the skills and qualities to the needs of the client.

Tiempo Development also maintains a pipeline of candidates who go through a rigorous interview process to assess their communication skills and technical knowledge. Because we use Agile methodologies in our software development, we ensure that all employees are up-to-date on the latest practices with the communication skills needed for effective collaboration with the client.

The results of the Configurator are received by Tiempo Development’s marketing, business development, and solution architect departments for their insight on industry trends and emerging technologies. This process refines the results of the Configurator to ensure that our team is equipped to offer clients leading solutions.

Gathering Insights on Your Technical Needs

Once we’ve gathered information about the client and refined the direction of the project with the Configurator, we assign a Senior Engineer and build a team to better understand the technical scope of the project. Using their specialist talents and expertise, the team explores the technological and licensing needs of the project to develop a proposal. Our development teams will work closely with the client’s IT or technological staff to formulate a scalable solution that is compatible with your company’s current platforms.

Understanding the technical scope of the project is a crucial step in developing high-quality software. The more in-depth the development team’s understanding of client’s current platforms, the quicker solutions can be made. In true Agile form, the initial steps taken by the development team involves a series of daily meetings to establish protocols and connection, melding the software development team with your staff.

Tiempo Development creates high-quality software by involving the client in every step of development. Developing processes like the Configurator allows us to customize solutions, quickly and accurately, at a greater value. Teams are formulated with the needs of the client in mind to create software that is effective to their success.

Recreating success to effectively service our clients is a core value of Tiempo Development’s business practices. We utilize Agile methodologies throughout all of our processes to guide our decisions with focus on the needs of our clients. To learn more about Tiempo Development’s commitment to success of our clients, read our whitepaper about our Tiempo Quality System.

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