Campus-Based Innovation Boosts Our Nearshore Development in Monterrey

In our Monterrey location, you find a team of software engineers and program managers who are deeply clued in to the city’s innovation culture. Our software development center is on the campus of one of Mexico’s most renowned universities, and Tiempo team members support budding software entrepreneurs in realizing their ideas and taking viable products to market. Often, the Monterrey team helps to advance the entire company’s nearshore development by trying out new technologies and tools and determining how we can best use them to serve our customers.

Building nearshore on a proud technology history, embedded within a leading university

When the world moved online, Mexico’s first internet connection was in Monterrey, a city with a broad array of educational opportunities and an excellent infrastructure. In the public perception, Monterrey’s close association with the IT industry is well recognized ever since then, but the roots of IT in Monterrey reach much further back. For example, Tecnológico de Monterrey, the country’s most important private university, was founded in 1943. Today, Tec de Monterrey’s network spans the nation with its 33 campuses.

We are hosted within a technology innovation center that is part of Tec de Monterrey. We maintain a close collaboration with Tec de Monterrey and are always in touch with its recent graduates as well as the students who are about to graduate with IT degrees. For many Tec de Monterrey graduates, guidance and input from Tiempo Development is crucial when they first plan how to realize their ideas for software and technology products. Sometimes, those relationships continue as we help new entrepreneurs launch their businesses and articulate their strategy. At Tec de Monterrey events to foster the incubation of valuable new businesses, I and my colleagues often sit on panels that evaluate students’ and graduates’ business plans and solution concepts for their relevance and practicality. We regularly present at these occasions, sharing from our experience. Tiempo Development CFO James Walbom is also a frequent speaker at Tec de Monterrey.


Ready for business and close to you

Monterrey, the capital of the state of Nuevo León, is the third-largest city in Mexico, behind Mexico City and Guadalajara. Close to four million people live in the metropolitan area. Two of our sister cities are Dallas and San Antonio. Many of us have close ties and frequently visit San Antonio, the closest, large Texan city on the other side of the border. Convenient for nearshore clients, Monterrey is in the central time zone, just like Chicago, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, St. Louis, or locations in Texas.

Industry has been prominent in Monterrey since steel makers and railroad companies favored the city in the last decade of the 19th century. Many globally known companies have their Mexican headquarters or major operations here, including Boeing, Daewoo, Dell, General Electric, Samsung, Sony, Toyota, and others. Monterrey is also an important hub for IT and technology services and consultancies, including such well-known organizations as Accenture, Infosys, and Wipro. Culturally as well as economically, Monterrey finds itself in close alignment with the United States. Many of the residents regularly shop in the U.S. or follow U.S. sports teams. When I meet nearshore customers or prospects in Dallas or other U.S. locations, I am often amazed at the seamless business culture, where work styles, time management, communications, and processes are the same as at home. It also helps that English literacy in Monterrey is extremely high and English-language competency a common graduation prerequisite.

Tiempo Development has operated its nearshore development center in Monterrey since 2011. As you can imagine, hiring is very competitive. Although Tec de Monterrey has many other campuses, talent from all over the country comes to the city to pursue certain degrees or explore the many employment opportunities there. Many of our new hires are graduates or former interns from Tec de Monterrey programs. Currently we are once again looking to bring new people to the team.


The Tiempo people difference

What we hear over and over again from new hires and people who know us as well as other companies in the nearshore or IT industries, is that Tiempo treats its employees differently. In many organizations, it is expected that turnover will always be high and that people move around from one job to the next. At Tiempo, we hope employees will stay and grow with us. We provide many growth opportunities and a long-term career planning perspective. Tiempo has created an environment where people can be productive while they feel at home. They enjoy a healthy balance between their work and personal lives. The work culture is team-oriented and collegial, with a strong emphasis on shared learning.

What’s more, we thrive on research and innovation. Tiempo’s Monterrey team often gets to try out and explore cutting-edge software and hardware technologies as well as new architectural or functional solution approaches in software engineering. To help nearshore customers reach their goals, we took the lead, for instance, in becoming familiar with secure, elastic cloud technology and in defining best development practices for translating payment card industry (PCI) or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance requirements into software functionality. In managing the business, we also established effective processes to ramp up and run simultaneous, complex development programs in different industry verticals.

Like our colleagues in the other Tiempo Development locations, we support not-for-profit organizations that our people care about. We volunteer at, and donate to, for example, orphanages and foster homes in our city.

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