CBT Nuggets Case Study

Leading Technology E-Learning Provider Achieves Microservices Success with a Closely Aligned Team

Expansions of the training content portfolio combined with increases in the number of subscribers prompted CBT Nuggets to update its technologies. The company began rebuilding its software infrastructure and development practice for greater flexibility. CTO Sean Sullivan explains, “We started a journey from a .NET-based, monolithic environment to a microservices architecture. This began as a low-key effort and gained in intensity, so we needed to hire more people rapidly.”

The company found it challenging to find enough software engineers with the right mix of skills and cultural values at headquarters in Eugene, Oregon, and a second location in Bend. Through a client referral in the local tech community, CBT Nuggets came into contact with Tiempo Development and decided to see how Tiempo could help. “Tiempo’s workstyle and expertise was a great fit with how we envisioned technological innovation,” Sullivan says. “They could help us spur our development efforts and continue to move the organization forward. Tiempo took very little time to identify and recruit skilled individuals who technically and professionally were a great match for us.