Choosing a Nearshore Partner? 5 Questions to Ask First…

Thinking of software development outsourcing? You aren’t alone. More businesses are looking to take their innovation abroad to make deep cuts to overhead and spending while streamlining their development process for faster results.

And that’s not the only reason, all industries are moving away from the traditional employment model. Contract, freelance and outsourced employees are on the rise due to shifting preferences in the workforce and changing demands on businesses. In the future, full-time employees actually might not exist.

With these changes, nearshore options are quickly becoming a business norm for American businesses looking to add to their development talent without exhausting their budgets. Choosing a nearshore partner also prevents businesses from running into time zone or language barrier difficulties that can halt deployments to a standstill.

Knowing how to find the right outsourcing partner is important – your ability to innovate faster and your bottom line depend on it. Not all outsourcing options are the same, efficiency and the quality of outcomes can vary based on many different factors. Since the outsourcing business is growing so quickly, the industry can be tough to navigate. Need some help?

Here are the four areas that you need to explore before selecting your nearshore partner, (we’ve included some good questions to ask):

1. Are they headquartered in the U.S.?

If the answer is yes, than that’s a positive start. It may not seem important, but a domestic liaison connecting you to your nearshore Development talent usually means fewer bumps along the way. Having a partner with U.S. headquarters makes expanding your team easier. It also leaves less room for confusion since your partner will operate under the same laws. It means fewer complications since the business uses the same currency. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, it can mean fewer communication gaps – resulting in a smoother and more agile development process.

2. Are they big enough to scale, but small enough to care?

Partnering with a company the right size can make a huge difference. Ideally you’ll want to look for a company that’s large enough to scale and support your business as it grows. With the industry booming, there are constantly new outsourcing companies launching. Many of them are still growing and may lack the resources necessary to support your team’s efficiency.

At the same time, your outsourcing partner should be moderately enough sized to ensure that your business is valued over the long term and you’re receiving the responsive support you deserve. Larger outsourcing conglomerates have less time to spend getting to know the unique and individual needs of each of their clients. You’ll want to partner with a development team that will act like an extension of your own. That requires them having a specific understanding of your company history, customers and goals for the future.

3. Are they an established business that won’t disappear?

Again, as the popularity of outsourcing grows, so does the industry. But that boom can be problematic – too many Development outsourcing businesses take off virtually overnight and are gone almost just as quickly. Make sure you do your research.

Not sure what to ask, no problem. For starters, ask how long they’ve been in business, what awards they’ve won and what testimonials or whitepapers they can share to back their results.

But don’t stop there. Get more specifics so you know exactly who you’re dealing with and how they can support your agility and bottom line.

  • How long has the nearshore company been in business?
  • Have they grown continually or has their business dipped over time?
  • What does their client list look like? Who are their largest clients and in what industries if any do they focus?
  • Can they confirm how long their current client base has been working with them?

4. What does their onboarding process look like?

Developers build software, but when you find a nearshore partner, you need to dig deeper to learn about their specific methodology. Before you make a move you should know exactly what your potential partner’s onboarding process looks like and how it aligns with your team’s own processes, expectations and goals.

Want some clues on the questions you should be asking? Here are some questions that will let you know if an offshore partner can position you for success from the start:

  • What is the company’s methodology to empower a development team to deliver innovation?
  • How do they handle broad projects that are often complicated while still delivering a powerful end user experience?
  • On governance, how well can they document their processes and commitments, and what assurances are in place to ensure your results are accurate, reliable and repeatable?
  • What are the performance indicators they’ve established?
  • How are they connecting with your team and keeping them informed at every stage of the project?
  • Finally, where’s the proof, (i.e. case studies, testimonials and client references)?

5. Do they have an agile development model for faster ROI?

Agile Development is the new approach to fast-tracking quality software and app development. It breaks all the parts of the project or application into smaller functionalities via “stories.”

Stories are then organized on a central storyboard before the IT team tackles each functionality (one at a time) in order of priority. Unlike dated software development models that can take 12 months to implement and start realizing a Return on Investment, the agile method’s bite-sized deliverables mean faster timeframes and profits.

When you’re vetting nearshore vendors, it’s important to know that they are going to streamline your development process for quicker turnaround and resulting revenue. Do they use an Agile Development model for faster results to streamline software development and outcomes? (If the answer is no, then yours should be too… keep looking.)

Tiempo is Ready for Your Questions

Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, Tiempo’s unique nearshore business model is unsurpassed and has received industry-wide recognition. Our customers are still at the center of our focus and they have landed us on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing businesses five times already. Learn more about our awards and experience here, and contact us to ask your questions.

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