Nearshore Software Development value for Financial Services Innovator

Delivering Value to Financial Services Innovator through Nearshore Software Development

A widely recognized innovator in the financial services industry, Annexus, develops and markets retirement income products. As a key component of modern retirement plans, Annexus’ retirement income and accumulation offerings leverage patented, breakthrough technology that revolutionizes the way financial institutions and professionals, as well as their clients, think about retirement planning solutions. For Annexus, Tiempo Development used its agile methodology and nearshore development resources to develop illustrators and calculators that make it possible to showcase and take to market turnkey financial products at a competitive advantage.

Outside of software design, development, and delivery, Tiempo Development plays an important consulting and advisory role for Annexus. Chief Strategy Office Jim Richards says, “The software tools our marketing group uses to demonstrate and deliver our financial products to financial services companies, integrate data from a number of sources, and Tiempo creates the engines that feed those tools, collaborating closely with Annexus marketing stakeholders. They also anticipate and accommodate rate changes and other variables, making very fast adjustments.”


With Tiempo’s assistance, Annexus is also following its agile approach to create software illustrators that the clients of financial service companies can use themselves to model and see how products work. They are far more likely to invest in products they understand well, helping Annexus’ partner carriers achieve their goals.

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