DevOps Services Partner – Make the Right Choice

The primary goal of DevOps is to deliver better software faster and to keep improving it constantly. It follows that those who are seeking to integrate a DevOps culture into their company would like to do so as quickly as possible. The easiest way to accelerate progress toward DevOps adoption is to engage a qualified DevOps Services partner to provide a variety of services. This enables you to immediately accomplish many things that would take far longer were you to try to figure them each out on your own.

With a DevOps Services Partner You Can Expect A Holistic Approach

These services can be categorized to include:

Leadership Team Development

Whether or not you intend to create a dedicated DevOps team, the process itself requires ongoing leadership, people who can be turned to keep DevOps projects on track observing the new methodologies. A qualified external service provider helps you identify the best people to bring onto the team and accelerates their orientation to the processes and attitudes required for success.

Culture Transition

DevOps adoption is more a cultural shift than anything else. The attitudes required are dramatically different, focusing on rapid introduction of improvement in successive version releases, promoting mutual feedback between operating departments, IT operations, and development resources. Culture changes don’t happen easily and must be carefully shepherd and led. Qualified DevOps experts bring the experience and skills necessary to help your leadership team cultivate and promote the new culture.


In a DevOps environment, strategy is a living thing that evaluates and responds to constantly changing elements of the business environment, especially the responses of people as things change. It becomes critical to the ongoing success of the initiative to select and prioritize which projects will be handled first, second, and so on. Incorporated into strategic planning are the interactions and dependencies that exist between each project. Including the services of an external advisor avoids the pitfalls of attempting such strategic planning from scratch.

Detailed Plan

For the first iteration of any DevOps project a detailed plan will guide everyone’s actions. External experts assure that the plan is complete, comprehensive, and well-aligned with DevOps principles. Future plans will be more informed by feedback from users and customers.

Process Training

DevOps training includes Agile methodology training which is best accomplished through certified training resources. Many educational facilities offer a comprehensive course catalog to accommodate students at every level of expertise.

DevOps Consulting Is a Logical First Step

Great DevOps engineers are hard to find, even harder to hire away from their current employment, and most likely compensated far beyond most budgets. So how does an organization enthusiastic to launch their DevOps initiative with complete and total buy-in at all levels avail themselves of the services of such a valuable resource?

Engage them.

Cloud computing has taught us that there isn’t very much that you can do yourself that you can’t have done for you by an external resource. DevOps is no exception. New DevOps consulting companies are emerging with astounding rapidity. So much so, in fact, that the challenge comes in selecting the right one rather than finding them.

Planning a DevOps Initiative? We can Help!

Struggling to achieve alignment and collaboration within your organization? Not sure how to begin? We can help. Tiempo has assisted many organizations with adopting DevOps, and completing successful initiatives with minimal disruptive. From strategy and planning to implementation, Tiempo has the resources you need to make your initiative a success.

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