DocSolid Case Study

Technology provider for the legal market collaborates with Tiempo Development to create innovative solutions and help customers realize their full value

DocSolid, the provider of software and services that help legal companies and departments to replace inefficient, costly paper-based files and processes with digital documents and practices, has collaborated successfully with Tiempo Development for the last five years. For DocSolid, Tiempo nearshore development creates new solutions, including a product family to be released in 2016, and advances the capabilities of an existing, strategic product. In addition, Tiempo Development provides stellar customer support.

Main Accomplishments:

  • Existing solution source code extended to serve the customers in the legal market.
  • Successful proof-of-concept and the right talent to create innovative products.
  • One hundred percent customer satisfaction with DocSolid support for six months running.
  • Effective, best practices for improving development quality and advancing team expertise.