A Business Leaders Guide to Microservices

A Business Leaders Guide to Microservices

As businesses look to accelerate their development efforts and increase the rate at which new features are deployed to users, they are increasingly turning to Microservices as a way to harness new functionality, achieve faster deployment times, and leverage the scalability offered by the cloud. As powerful as the benefits one can achieve with Microservices are, the path there is not a simple one, nor are they for every business or application type. Download this 28-page eBook that covers everything a business leader should know about Microservices. Gain perspective from multiple Microservices experts with this practical roadmap for a microservices transition.

What You Will Learn in this eBook:

Where are Microservices today?

Comparative Anatomy:
Microservices vs Monolithic vs SOA

A Strategic Approach:
Decoupling Monolithic Applications

Hitting Microservices Out of the Park
The Right Organization and the Right Methodologies

Published: February 21, 2019 | 28 pages

Hitting Microservices Out of the Park

“Hitting microservices out of the park” is not just about coding and architecture effort that’s required to transform a monolithic application. Success also relies on a reorganization – at least virtually – in the makeup of your IT teams.

Many businesses that buy into the benefits of microservices make the mistake of using their current IT team structure and focusing only on building the microservices and writing new code. But they then run into issues when trying to move the microservices into production. They do not realize they also need to develop and automate new processes for data integration and interfaces, test that the new microservices are working properly and have the necessary security posture, and make sure they can be deployed rapidly.

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