How AI Is Changing Software Testing


Artificial Intelligence is infiltrating most industries and is slowly but surely changing the ‘way things have always been done.’ The technology industry will be comprehensively overhauled by the influence of AI and software testing is certainly included in that. Software testing is a critical component of the software development process because it ensures a product functions effectively and that there are no bugs in the programming that had been previously unseen.


One of the first ways artificial intelligence will impact software testing is that it will improve it.

This, like anything else with AI, will take time of course because significant machine learning may have to take place in order for AI to be both efficient and effective in software testing but we are already seeing that it is not only possible but holds tremendous potential. AI is able to comb through a tremendous amount of data very quickly. Bugs can sometimes be overlooked or ignored but with AI, even small problems or changes in the code can be discovered. Further, advanced AI software testing programs will be able to use that information, as well as the other information it has been given, to not only find the problem but correct it independently. Testing capabilities will only continue to improve as more machine learning takes place.


The two components that make something good in any software are whether or not it is effective and whether or not it is efficient. Nobody wants to use a great computer program or application that solves a problem if it takes hours and hours to do so. Similarly, nobody wants an incredibly fast solution that is only accurate 30% of the time. Speed and accuracy go hand-in-hand if a software program is to be successful. AI achieves both criteria by being able to more effectively and accurately test software, and in a shorter amount of time.


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This is a total win-win because it means that a better product will be on the market, and sooner! With AI, software testing is automated which means it can run around the clock (yes, even during those late-night or early morning hours when other software testers may be otherwise unavailable). As testing capabilities continue to improve, and more information is gathered with machine learning, the process will continue to become more automated and continue to improve speed and accuracy over time.


Another way in which AI is impacting software testing is that it will eliminate some jobs…as we know them. One of the first and most common concerns heard about the implementation of AI in software testing is that it will eliminate human testing jobs. While this is certainly true of the current jobs we have, that doesn’t mean it will only eliminate jobs…it will create them as well.

Software testing jobs will adapt because different skills will be necessary to not only create and build an AI software testing program but also to maintain it. These engineers will be critical to the process, but the role may look different than it does today. So, while almost any software testing activity could be (and eventually will be) performed by AI, that does not mean all is lost.

It simply means that now is the time to acquire the additional skills you need to diversify your abilities and set yourself up for job success and security in the technology industry.

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