How to Increase Your Velocity and See Results Faster

Are you looking for ways to improve your software development velocity? Have you weighed your options when it comes to outsourcing to increase that velocity? Nearshoring is becoming a best practice for U.S. based businesses looking to reduce overhead, increase agility and drive a faster Return on Investment. Outsourcing has gained momentum over the last decade, and lately, more American businesses are looking nearshore for a Development partner to alleviate costs, avoid language and cultural barriers and work across a shared time zone for optimum collaboration.

Not all Nearshore Partners are Created Equal

When you’re looking to expand your development team with Nearshore Development, you aren’t just looking to increase agility, but also velocity – they go hand-in-hand. Before you can understand the importance of Velocity, you need to be familiar with the Agile Development methodology. (Skip to the next section if you already are.)

What is Agile Development?

You’ve probably heard of Agile Development before. This strategy is quickly becoming the accepted approach for most Development teams because of its powerful ability to produce faster outcomes at a higher level of quality. Agile methodology was developed in response to the all too common setbacks of the traditional or “Waterfall” development method.

Agile Development boosts agility by fast-tracking quality software and application development. This approach breaks up all the parts of the project or application into smaller functionalities called “stories.” These stories are organized on a central storyboard for a big picture approach before the team executes all of the separate functionalities, one at a time, by order of priority.

Traditional software development models can take up to 12 months to implement and start realizing a Return on Investment. The agile method’s bite-sized deliverables mean faster outcomes and quicker profits. Agile methodology’s “secret sauce” is the synchronization of progress made by the Development team based on your expectations to offer a greater value.

Tiempo Development uses Agile methodology for faster, quality outcomes – learn more here.

What Do We Mean by Velocity?

Velocity (V) is a crucial software performance indicator. Software Velocity can be defined easily:

V = Units of effor completed / Sprint

Velocity explains how much a given project team has been able to achieve over a defined period or iteration. Because no two Agile projects are alike, it’s important to specify exactly what units mean. Examples can include use cases, user stories, test cases, new functionality or bugs.

Sprint is defined by the period of time in which the sprint is accomplished. For Agile, this is usually around two weeks, but you might opt to define it in hours.

One of the greatest advantages of Agile Software Development is its immense potential to increase Velocity. High Velocity levels mean consistent releases of product into the market, balanced Business and IT stakeholder goals, and satisfied end users.

Velocity measures how effectively a software development team is in completing their objectives (or user stories) during a given sprint, or series of sprints. Just adopting Agile isn’t an immediate solution for optimizing Velocity. Reaching strong Velocity levels takes an understanding of the concept and the factors that influence it.

How the Tiempo Quality System™ increases Velocity?

Tiempo’s Quality System can help you reach previously unmatched levels of Quality, Velocity and Scalability. The proprietary development process was created to help move our client’s businesses faster and farther ahead without going into valuable resources. TQS combines best practices from enterprise, mid-market and cloud development into a single system that can be configured to a variety of Development projects.

This model supports companies in growing faster, and mid-market businesses can easily customize the process to their unique needs without the challenges and uncertainty that comes from starting completely from scratch.

What Does This Really Mean?

Here’s an easy way of understanding TQS: It is a defined set of best practices and processes that standardizes and streamlines the way to create and manage the entire software engineering process through agile methodologies. TQS supports partnering businesses with the structure and information required to create, operationalize and scale with innovative, reliable software. The result? More control and continuous improvement throughout your Development process.

How TQS Started…

Tiempo Development has brought together experienced thought leaders throughout the software development industry, including senior professionals who have executed a wide range of software launches under various circumstances and conditions. Together, these leaders assembled methods and processes necessary for the best possible outcomes. Tiempo has spent the seven years refining these results for our clients and their end users.

In the process, we have standardized both Development and management. Tiempo has built an environment and discipline that supports governance and reliability, achieving predictable and repeatable results over time. With the consistent application of these processes (systems, training, enablement, empowering teams to have resources and training). This way, Tiempo can provide the same discipline and results to each of our clients.

What Are the Requirements For TQS?

Our main requirement for leveraging TQS is to apply agile methodologies. This means having an environment conducive to agile practices and making the transition to self-organized teams. It also means relinquishing a lot of the command and control that was previously deemed necessary.

How You Can Benefit From TQS?

The primary benefits our clients experience from TQS are a higher level of quality, self-organized teams, and fast time-to-market. Higher quality software supports the alignment, transformation and enhancement of the development, deployment and support processes for a higher quality end product.

In other words, higher quality software means better performance, and fewer unexpected challenges throughout its lifecycle.

TQS provides a specialized team solution that is based on your specific requirements. These teams are both self-organized and cross-functional with continuous collaboration and communication for synchronicity, rhythm and consistency in delivery. These processes are smoother, streamlined and alleviate unnecessary obstacles that can keep you from meeting your deadlines and your budget requirements.

Interested in learning how to drive velocity and a faster Time-to-Market for your businesses? Learn how we can fast track your projects and increase your ROI within weeks.

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