Introduction to Nearshore Software Development

Nearshore software development is a type of outsourcing that connects clients to developers from bordering countries. It is a cost-effective way to grow without the need to invest in training new staff, build supporting infrastructures, and micromanage the development process.

Greater Quality Controls

One of the defining characteristics of nearshore software development is the opportunity for clients to be in close proximity to their project, in regards to geography, time zone, culture, language or dialect, and/or economic structure. Sharing these dimensions gives the client more opportunity to control the quality of the development process, leading to a greater return on investment.

For example, companies that operate within the same time zone as their software development partner have more opportunities to collaborate in real time because their work hours are in-sync. An American company whose peak productivity hours start at 10AM EST would share the same time zone as their software developers in Mexico. However, the same American company working with developers in India would have to wait until the following day to exchange feedback because 10AM EST would be 7:30PM IST.

The quality control offered by nearshore software development is invaluable when the software being built is used to manage high-risk data. Software developed by offshore companies is risky. Strong quality controls insure the best software is being built at the most affordable price.

Reduced Total Cost

Nearshore software development is the more cost-effective type of outsourcing, because it outsources your development, freeing your company from having to pay for overhead, labor, and other resources. It also offers a lower risk in Total Cost of Engagement, with the added savings from overhead, labor, and materials. The Total Cost of Engagement is a concept that takes into consideration the back-end costs of outsourcing, such as business trips, management teams, telecommunications, and risk. These costs are higher the further away your software development is located with the element of risk being the heaviest factor.

Lower quality controls open your company to more risks – security risks, intellectual property risks, labor laws, and product quality risks. These risks are difficult to manage, even in perfect conditions. They become even more burdensome when the conditions give you lower quality controls, leading to potentially expensive risks.

Nearshore software development is a solution to these problems through better communications and managed expectations, saving your company money with a more successful service. This is especially true for companies seeking to outsource their software development department entirely, so they may focus on sales and marketing.

Bringing You Efficiency

Tiempo Development combines the strategy of nearshore software development with the advantage of an Agile methodology to provide a premium software development service. With Agile as its business framework, Tiempo Development understands that communication is central to ensuring the most savings in outsourcing. Tiempo Development’s highly experienced team of professionals has development centers in Guadalajara, Hermosillo, and Monterrey, Mexico, providing you with the most efficient software development service at the lowest cost.

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