Leading technology provider for law firms builds innovative software solutions with Nearshore Development

DocSolid, the provider of software and services that help legal companies and departments to replace inefficient, costly paper-based files and processes with digital documents and practices, has collaborated successfully with Tiempo Development for the last five years. For DocSolid, Tiempo nearshore development creates new solutions, including a product family to be released in 2016, and advances the capabilities of an existing, strategic product. In addition, Tiempo Development provides stellar customer support.


David Guilbault, Vice President at DocSolid, says, “We don’t think of our Tiempo Development team as external contractors. Most of them have been with us for years. They are highly valued contributors to our organization. And we believe that Tiempo Development is fully invested in our success.”

Tiempo developers performed the work to evolve KwikTag, a software product whose source code DocSolid founders owned, into the first iteration of KwikTag Legal, DocSolid’s flagship product. Since then, the solution has been enriched with many new features. Guilbault explains, “We work very closely with the law firms and legal departments we serve. Because of that, we often uncover new requirements early and can devise solutions for them. In the software industry, it is expected that your product becomes ever more usable, powerful, and reliable. Tiempo has been invaluable in helping us advance KwikTag Legal to meet the changing needs of law firms. They invested the time and effort to become familiar with our customers’ business environment and challenges, and that pays off in their software development.”

Tiempo also created a quality control module for KwikTag Legal, called KwikTag QC. “The process of creating KwikTag QC demonstrated the strength of the Tiempo approach to collaborative development,” says Guilbault. “Their mastery of agile methodologies and best practices enables my team to focus on innovation rather than software construction.”

In addition, Tiempo provides a software architect function to assist with design, and to more effectively bring insights and findings gleaned in support interactions with customers to improve software quality.

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