Nearshore Software Development Speeds Up as Hermosillo Takes Wing

If you know Tiempo Development even a little bit, you know about Hermosillo, where we have our oldest and largest nearshore software development center. If you are not familiar with Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, you’re in for a treat. Enjoying the high quality of life in one of the most sustainably run, fast-growing, and well-educated cities in the country, Hermosillo residents tend to have close-knit business and personal connections across the border. For the nearshore development business and its clients, Hermosillo is within easy reach of many U.S. locations, and offers a stunning array of talent and resources.

IT and Aerospace Hub Within Easy Reach

A while ago, we talked about Hermosillo’s business-friendly climate and industries in another blog post. The city is not slowing down. From 1986, when the Ford Motor Company came to the capital of the State of Sonora to build an assembly plant that became the blueprint for its facilities around the world, to today, when Hermosillo and Sonora are one of the country’s aerospace leaders, this area has attracted high-caliber talent and an unending surge of business investments. Currently, Sonora has more than 48 aerospace manufacturers and other companies in the industry. Many of the manufacturers are specializing in advancing turbine and blade manufacturing with new designs that have ripple effects far into the supply chains. More than 29,000 students are enrolled in technology and engineering programs this year, and over 30 percent of them focus their studies on IT.

In addition to software engineers and program managers, Tiempo teams in Hermosillo include finance and human resources. We are always in close touch with our colleagues at corporate headquarters in Tempe, Arizona. It’s a very short flight, and you don’t cross time zones. Especially our West Coast customers like that, for much of the year, we are in same time zone with them, because Arizona does not switch its clocks forward for the summer, and Sonora is in sync. Direct flights from many U.S. cities arrive at Hermosillo airport, and there are six border crossings for drivers. With a population of a little less than 800,000, Hermosillo is comfortable to navigate and get to know, and large enough to have all the resources and infrastructures one expects to find in a modern metropolitan center.


Fostering Technology Talent

Close to the border and already favored by many U.S. and global companies, Hermosillo benefits from the Mexican government’s well-funded strategy to establish the country as the best nearshore location in Latin America. In the 2014 iteration of A. T. Kearney’s Global Services Location Index, Mexico is in the 4th place, up from 6th in 2011. Hermosillo’s one-dozen universities, including a branch of Tiempo partner Tec de Monterrey, are crucial in supporting this advancement.

Tiempo is closely involved with the local campuses. For example, at the Instituto Tecnológico de Hermosillo, my colleagues and I participate in industry and technology conferences, take advantage of speaking engagements, and are always eager to talk to students and recent graduates who have an interest in software development. Sometimes, the school also recommends outstanding students, who often start out as interns and eventually transition into full-time positions with us.


Deep involvement in software development communities and innovation initiatives

As the largest nearshore software development operation in Hermosillo, Tiempo is very well known. Our participation in industry initiatives helps us build on that visibility to ensure that businesses and professional communities are aware of us. Our Asociación Sonorense de Profesionistas en Tecnologías de Información (ASPTICS) was the first of its kind in Mexico, and I had the good fortune to be one of the founders and the president for first two years. Based on many individual relationships as well as events, we created a strong connection with the Arizona chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP). That gave us an opportunity to align our regional IT industry and talent with the larger North American market. I realized that it was extremely important to bring soft skills—time management, communications, conducting effective meetings, professional etiquette—to the technical qualifications of Hermosillo IT professionals. In facilitating that kind of professional development, our organization played a big part in making the city and its people, who already boast a high level of language proficiency and cultural closeness, attractive to U.S. companies. I enjoy being involved with ASPTICS as an advisor still to this day.

Our team members also participate in software development communities such as Hermosillo Dev House and Hack and Beers, both of them well-connected with coding groups around the world. In addition to enjoying non-competitive development and creative innovation, we facilitate presentations and workshops in and with different groups, associations, and universities. Startup Weekend Mexico every year organizes six intense software development weekends in Sonora where I often contribute as a coach and, at the end of Sunday, as a judge of the results. Technologists have 54 weekend hours to convince the judges that there is a market for their idea and produce a prototype. These events help to advance talent and technology in our city, and they also help many worthwhile innovations become viable solutions. For us as nearshore developers, they also are important in keeping tabs on promising people and their ideas.

Outside of software development and IT, team Tiempo supports the local nonprofits that our people care about with donations of money, items, and volunteer time. We are thrilled to be able to give back to a community that is so good to us.

If you would like to pay a visit or talk to us about nearshore software development opportunities, please send me a note at, or connect with Tiempo at You might also find our case studies and services interesting.

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