Nearshore Software Development at the Center of Guadalajara Business

Tiempo Development’s newest and fast-growing nearshore software development center in Guadalajara is about to move into a much larger facility that will make team collaboration easier and more natural. Already years ago, research by fDi and the Financial Times pointed out Guadalajara’s strong economic potential, in North America second only to Chicago, and identified the city as the third most business-friendly in the same region. We are happy and proud to be here, and look forward to welcoming you.

Growing quickly into a new space

In Guadalajara, Tiempo is growing quickly. We had just eight people on the team in the spring of 2013. In April 2015, there were more than 45 of us, and new hires are starting. Our initial location is no longer adequate, not just because of the lack of space, but also because the layout is not helpful for team collaboration and spontaneous conversations. Currently, we share a floor with other companies and work out of a suite with separate offices. People on the same development project sit together, and when we want to talk to our colleagues outside of the immediate group, we need to walk over to their spaces. But that will soon change. Later this year, we will be moving into a new location where we can create a more appropriate Tiempo environment that fosters exchanges and synergies among all of us. It will be much larger, and the floor plan will be flexible and open. We will have a better-equipped rec room and our own space for lunch and coffee. The new facility will have both a cool and a comfortable atmosphere. It will allow us to continue growing the team as more projects come our way. In addition, it’s closer to public transport, more centrally located, and has better parking.

Currently, we average a couple of client visits per month. I expect we will welcome many more Tiempo customers and partners after the move. Guadalajara is famous not just as a favorite tourist destination and not far from such vacation spots as Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlán. But it is also sometimes referred to as Mexico’s Silicon Valley, because so many technology companies, including leading brands, are already here, others are expanding their presence, and many new businesses are started by entrepreneurs. As the capital of the state of Jalisco, Guadalajara is not as close to the U.S. border as our nearshore development centers in Hermosillo and Monterrey, but it is a popular destination for direct flights from many U.S. airports. Like Monterrey, it is in the central time zone, convenient for meetings and communications with clients in any North American location. Close connections with the United States include the many sister cities, including Albuquerque; Cleveland; Kansas City; St. Louis, Lansing; Michigan; Portland, Oregon; San Antonio, Texas; and San Jose, California. The Guadalajara metropolitan area has a population of almost 4.5 million people.


From campuses to developer groups, a wealth of talent

In Guadalajara, you find many universities, including Tiempo partner Tec de Monterrey. In the current location, we are very close to the highly regarded Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, the oldest private university in Mexico. After the move, we will still be within close reach of the ‘Autónoma’. It’s important for us to be in touch with the faculty, students, and graduates from these educational institutions. Some of our great team members started at Tiempo Development as interns while they were still enrolled at a university. We also enjoy learning about the fresh ideas for businesses and technology solutions that come out of the universities and encouraging those we find promising.

We participate in the local tech community and anticipate playing a greater role once we’re in the new facility. Non-competitive, open-source attitudes are widely held here. A favorite forum is HackerGarage, where technologists from many different companies and backgrounds come together to collaborate and advance their skills. There is interest in Tiempo creating a similar community as an additional creative outlet for our software engineers. In Guadalajara, this is not at all uncommon—companies open their doors and resources to talented people who want to realize their ideas for solutions and businesses. The government also provides funding and resources that technology innovators can take advantage of. Because many companies are vying for the same talent, recruiters are never far from such tech community events.

With its modern, urban environment, excellent infrastructure, and wealth of resources, Guadalajara attracts people from across the country. Qualified, talented professionals with the right education can find many intriguing employment opportunities here, where salaries are generally higher than in many other Mexican regions. Tiempo and its nearshore development competitors are hiring, and so are many other technology companies, but employee retention is a challenge for many of them.


Nearshore development by a professional work family

What distinguishes Tiempo Development’s culture and work style from so many other technology companies in Guadalajara is our conscious effort to create a fun, cool place where good people enjoy a working community and build their future together. We are totally committed to our projects and our clients’ success, but we also share insights across projects and help each other pursue professional and personal growth. When you come here, you find a happy team that performs excellent nearshore development in an agile, fast-moving manner. The difference in engagement and perceived quality of life between the professional and personal realms is negligible, because we enjoy our collaborations at work, and there are many spontaneous and planned social activities that bring us and our families together informally. Usually, these are organized by employee committees. The newest employee activity is hiking on the many enjoyable and well-maintained trails nearby.

Throughout the year, but especially around the holidays, team Tiempo collects and delivers needed goods and financial donations retirement homes, orphanages, and nonprofits in Guadalajara. That aspect of our working environment is steadily becoming more vital, because generosity is catching—the more people are involved, the more effective it can be.

If you would like to find out more about what Tiempo Development can do for you, or are interested in Guadalajara as a place to pursue your career, please get in touch with me at or send a note to You might also find our case studies and services interesting.

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