Nearshoring? Here’s how the on-boarding process should look

Looking to partner with a Nearshore Software Development team? More U.S. based businesses are looking “South of the border” to outsource projects in order to increase agility and meet their bottom line. Mexico is quickly becoming a tech hub for American businesses, as more CIOs and CTOs look for creative ways to keep up with the constant changes and shifts in Technology and user expectations.

Taking advantage of nearshore resources is an effective way to extend your project team (across the same local time zone, language and culture for collaboration), while saving on costs. One important piece of your partner’s onboarding process is their methodology or overall approach to Development.

Why it’s important that your partner is using Agile Methodologies?

Your nearshoring software development partner’s methodology can mean a faster onboarding process and Return on Investment. If they use Agile Methodologies then you’ll be treated as a member of the Development team, included in each step of the process for regular feedback.

What is Agile Development?

You’ve probably heard the term Agile Development before, this strategy is quickly trending and becoming the accepted approach for most Development teams. Agile methodology was created in response to common setbacks of the traditional or “Waterfall” development method.

Agile Development increases agility by fast-tracking quality software and application development. This approach breaks up all the parts of the project or application into smaller functionalities that are known as “stories.” Next, these stories are organized on a central storyboard for a look at the big picture before the team tackles all of the separate functionalities, one at a time, in order of priority.

While traditional software development models can take up to 12 months to implement and start realizing a Return on Investment, the agile method’s bite-sized deliverables mean faster timeframes and quicker profits. Agile methodology’s cornerstone is the synchronization of progress made by the Development team based on your expectations to offer a greater value.

Tiempo Development uses Agile methodology for faster, quality outcomes – learn more here.

The on-boarding process can’t leave any room for errors.

When you’re finding an agile software development outsourcing partner, it’s important to understand what their on-boarding process looks like and how it aligns with your own business expectations, processes, deadline and long term goals. These first steps can make a difference in bringing your teams together and propelling you towards success.

You can maximize your Return on Investment with an accelerated onboarding process; starting with your nearshore resources out-of-the-gates with a minimal ramp up. Achieving this remotely has its challenges, but there are several ways your nearshore partner can approach onboarding to reduce downtime and prepare your team for success, sooner.

Before a nearshore partner on-boards your team, they must understand your business goals and landscape, your specific needs and requirements, and your current resources.

At Tiempo, our on-boarding and recruiting process is centered around our customers. We start with their needs first to guide the rest of the process. To give you an idea of how this should look, here’s a quick glance at Tiempo’s own on-boarding process:

1. Learning more about your business and industry

Our first step is always examining what our clients do and what their industry requirements are. Different industries may have very different security and privacy requirements for their software.

At Tiempo, our client base spans some of the most complex industries and we are experienced in navigating the requirements for industries like Financial Services and Healthcare.

2. Reviewing the main requirements with you first

We take a deep dive into your main project requirements, to understand your specific goals and how they will guide the rest of the project.

3. Examining the technologies and languages you’re using

To make sure you are being matched with a Development team that has the precise skill sets you need, we review all of your expectations for your full Technology stack, including the language you’re using, the platform or framework, database types, testing methods and more. For example, you may be using .NET, Web API and need a team fluent in using SQL and Microsoft® Azure Cloud.

4. Covering the skills you’re looking for in your nearshore team

Not only does Tiempo look for your technical requirements in building out your team, we also look at experience level, communications skills, leadership abilities and background experience. We review these skills with you by order of priority to ensure we match you with developers that are in perfect alignment with your current team and project goals.

5. Looking at your project and what makes it different

Tiempo walks through your overall project so every member of your team understands exactly what you’re looking to achieve and how they’ll be contributing to those unique goals.

6. Exploring additional requirements

Because some projects are more complex than others, Tiempo supports our clients in covering any additional requirements upfront to ensure our team is prepared and running with the right strategy.

7. Partnering with you with our custom recruiting process

At Tiempo, we build our recruiting process around the preferences of our clients. Here are the basics that we will cover for every new project:

  • Team skills overview: Our exacting overview drills down to the specific skills you’re looking for in your new team members.
  • Order of hires: Is there a particular order that we need to follow in hiring team members? We’ll explore the different levels of your project and starting priorities to understand.
  • When your team should be ready to start: We’ll cover your expectations for your team’s start-date.
  • Getting travel in order: In some cases, team members are expected to travel and meet onsite at the start of a new project. We cover the travel needs for all of your teammates and whether they need to be traveling together or as they join.

In addition, based on our client needs and recruiting goals, we may peruse these final areas:

  • Involvement in talent selection: Our clients have the option of being as involved as they’d like in our interview and selection process.
  • Interview team candidates: When our clients want to interview candidates themselves, we coordinate meeting times and communications tools to make sure it’s a smooth experience.

About Tiempo Development

At Tiempo, we are making the business of software development easier and more affordable with a unique combination of a nearshore business model, agile methodology, and advanced talent management. Our Development teams engineer powerful technologies that align with the goals and strategies of our customers for both their internal and public-facing development initiatives. Tiempo supports companies in launching software releases sooner without draining important resources. Learn how we can fast track your projects and increase your ROI within weeks.

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