Not all Agile is Created Equal

Facing challenges in software development is inevitable. Often times unrealistic expectations or estimates, delivery delays, lack of coordination between team members and insufficient information for decision making poison the development process. When it comes to advances in software development, the most poignant is the creation and implementation of Agile methodology.

As a company, Tiempo Development has been fine tuning our proprietary agile product lifecycle management framework, called the Tiempo Quality System or TQS since 2006. It is a set of best practices and principles that ensure productive client and team interactions that include daily stand-ups, planning sessions, regular demonstrations and reviews as well as retrospective meetings. Our teams have extensive experience using tools of the industry such as Jira, VersionOne, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, TargetProcess and many more. Another benefit is our teams’ ability to easily adapt and utilize tools already being used by our partners. Being agile in nearshore software development has many advantages.

With nearshoring, the benefit of proximity is more than just working in the same, or close, time zone. For projects that require close interaction with the company and its outsourcing partner, nearshoring is an excellent solution with less expensive travel costs and shortened travel time as an added benefit. In today’s fast-paced world, organizations are working overtime to maximize efficiencies worldwide. Most companies have already started the process or are seriously looking into the benefits of nearshoring. Many of our customers have faced the challenges of offshoring and turned to us because of our reputation, processes and cultural affinity to that of the U.S. It has been a win-win situation and one of the reasons Tiempo Development has experienced tremendous growth.

For reasons such as these, Tiempo has been the leader and pioneer in nearshore. Our customers count on our experience and appreciate the fact that our developers take pride in creating exceptional software. We are always improving and strive to become true partners who are valued and rewarded with long term relationships. When it comes to your software development, be agile and choose Tiempo as your trusted partner.

About Tiempo Development

At Tiempo, we are making the business of software development easier and more affordable with a unique combination of a nearshore business model, agile methodology, and advanced talent management. Our Development teams engineer powerful technologies that align with the goals and strategies of our customers for both their internal and public-facing development initiatives. Tiempo’s proprietary agile product lifecycle management framework, the Tiempo Quality System or TQS, is composed of principals and best practices that ensure productive client and team interactions. The result is highly efficient software development that supports companies in launching software releases sooner without draining resources. To learn more please visit us at: or contact Tiempo Development directly.