Questions to Ask Before Choosing Microservices

Find Out if Microservices Are Right for Your Organization by Answering These 9 Questions

Today’s software teams feel the pressure to be more agile, more flexible, and to continually increase the velocity of their development efforts. As a result, many businesses are moving away from monolithic application architectures that no longer meet the fast pace and competitive nature of the digital world. This article can you help prepare by providing you with the right questions to ask before choosing microservices.

To take on the challenge, many software teams are turning to microservices, which have become a trend in recent years as businesses strive to achieve the same success of large enterprises—such as Amazon, Netflix, Uber, and eBay. By decoupling monolithic applications and adopting microservices, these companies have greatly increased application scalability as well as deployment speed and frequency.

However, microservices initiatives should not be undertaken just because your competitors are doing it, or because other businesses have had success with this application architecture approach. Look deep inside to identify the problems you are experiencing to help you determine if microservices are the right solution to your business challenges.

Questions to ask before choosing microservices infographic

9 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Microservices

  • Does making small application changes require you to perform expensive and timely redeployment of the entire software suite?
  • Could your internal and external users benefit from features being deployed in a timelier manner?
  • Will faster deployments help you reach market faster and make you more competitive?
  • Will decoupling your current application strengthen your system and result in increased reliability?
  • Does your monolithic application host a large amount of unneeded functionality?
  • Do you require your application to effectively utilize the scalability and flexibility of the cloud?
  • Do certain services need to scale rapidly on-demand?
  • Could you benefit from leveraging multiple programming languages for specific parts of your application?
  • Are you dealing with large amounts of data that have heterogeneous characteristics—where individual services could benefit from utilizing their own data store?

If you answer “Yes” to the majority of these questions, chances are strong that you can benefit from transforming your application to a microservices infrastructure. It could also be that your monolithic, all-in-one software environment no longer fits the way your organization works. Over time, such legacy systems can become difficult and expensive to manage and may provide functionality that hardly anybody uses.

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