Tiempo clients take advantage of Cloud-Based Technologies

Tiempo clients gain outstanding performance, vast scalability, and uninterrupted uptime by taking advantage of the cloud-based technologies

Tiempo Development clients directly benefit from our expertise in using cloud-based technologies as we go through the development, testing, and staging of their software solutions and take them into production usage. They gain the advantages of a scalable, reliable, secure infrastructure without staffing up their IT departments or investing in additional equipment and resources. Today, we take a closer look at how we work in the cloud on behalf of one of our clients, Annexus. This company’s experience highlights the many benefits of going the cloud route, and it can easily transfer into other engagements.

Enabling a great service experience

The web-based Annexus illustrators, built by Tiempo in ASP.NET, are accessible for financial consultants and their clients through an online portal. That website resides on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. To achieve a consistently high performance and provide an excellent online experience, Tiempo deployed for Annexus four instances of the portal, two more than typically recommended by Microsoft. Before Annexus decided to move its business delivery infrastructure to the cloud, all of the company’s computing systems and resources were onsite. Looking for the most effective use of IT to take the business forward, Annexus wanted to achieve the best possible performance, reliability, and scalability. The cloud offered the highest likelihood of achieving these results.

Scalability to support growth

When we learned what Annexus’ plans were for increasing its workforce of agents who would be using the portal every day, we knew we needed to configure the cloud infrastructure to scale to a substantial and sustained increase in site traffic. Our client also shared other plans and projections for the future of the business, and we were able to translate those ideas into requirements that we considered in the setup of the cloud technologies.

Incorporating the additional processing capabilities in addition to the nodes that Azure provides as a standard was a relatively minor and uncomplicated task. Because we’re working exclusively with cloud resources, there was of course no hardware purchase involved—just a simple interaction with our Azure managers.

While scalable to unprecedented performance levels, the cloud services also have the elasticity to adjust to actual workloads. There are no resources set aside just in case they might be needed—one common practice that causes many companies to expend their budgets without any benefit. In a cloud-typical pay-as-you-go model that applies to both Azure and the cloud-based content management system, Drupal, Annexus is not liable for any upfront payments, is not required to finance computing capabilities and storage capacity that it does not actually use, and pays for only those resources that benefit the business.

Uncompromised reliability

The cloud supports Annexus and its agents in doing uninterrupted business; the reliability of the cloud infrastructure has been superb. Since it was deployed, there has not been any downtime at all. Microsoft commits to a minimum of 99.9% uptime for the availability of data, applications, and services on the Azure cloud platform; Acquia—which supports Drupal—typically promises at least 99.95% uptime.

Because Tiempo Development owns extensive team expertise with cloud technologies and their deployment in response to different business needs, the experience of our Annexus client is completely transferable. Microsoft Azure and Acquia are excellent cloud resources, and there are other tools that are just as good. We will exhaustively discuss each client’s requirements and plans, so we can make the best recommendation and selection of cloud-based tools in every case.

Annexus’ primary goals are to provide an excellent, informative service experience to clients and to enable agents with a productive resource. Other companies we talk to also see much value in the cloud economy. As Azure case studies show, many companies relying on the Microsoft cloud generate significant returns and savings. And, the Acquia Platform also includes the Acquia Cloud Site Factory, a tool for creating and managing large numbers of websites. A recent ROI study about the Acquia Cloud Site Factory performed by Forrester analysts produced impressive results, including millions of dollars in savings and substantial productivity gains.

Read the full case study about how Annexus takes advantage of Tiempo’s agile methodology to develop illustrators and calculators that make it possible to showcase and take to market turnkey financial products at a competitive advantage here.

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If you would like to explore how we can leverage our cloud computing expertise on your behalf, please send me a note to blundberg@tiempodevelopment.com, or connect with Tiempo Development at  contact@tiempodevelopment.com. You might also find our case studies and services interesting.

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