The Agile Advantage: Why We Are an Agile Software Development Company

Tiempo development is a company that uses Agile methodology, not only in project and software development, but also in our management structure as well as our entire organization. In this blog, learn more about Agile methodology and the Agile advantage.

Although still considered an alternative to traditional project management, Agile software development methodology for software development has been gaining acceptance as a reliable (even optimal) framework for development teams. Agile was formulated as a solution to the setbacks of the traditional Waterfall development method. In principle, Agile treats the client as a member of the development team by involving them in the every step of the process for checks and feedback, ensuring high product quality and client satisfaction

The cornerstone of Agile methodology is the synchronization of progress made by the development team based on the expectations of the client, offering greater value. Some of the major benefits include:

  • Development teams who are highly adaptable to changes in the environment, from redirection by the client to sudden innovations in technology.

  • Transparency in the development process offers clients better control over their costs. The client will always know what tasks are being worked on and their cost.

  • Throughout the testing stages, clients have the option to ask for features, designs, and specifications that best meet their needs, and receive immediate action and feedback on all requests.

In its time, the Waterfall method worked well to as a linear approach to developing sophisticated software. The Waterfall approach invited opportunities for client input only during the early consultative stages, during beta testing and after the software was finished. Inherently, this also allowed for progress to be measured more easily as the phases of development are more concrete and defined:

  • Developer’s roles are more predictable, where communication is done through the project managers. This frees developers from having to take on multiple roles.

  • Projects with sophisticated moving parts need their components to be designed in parallel with one another. This is easier to do if they it is done in a continuous stream.

  • Software is built from start to finish with testing and quality checks occurring at the end, ensuring that all parts of the software work well together.

The Waterfall method’s major drawback is the very thing that gives the Agile methodology its advantage: communication. The Waterfall method is prone to risks at the expense of the client. Feedback isn’t effective until after the initial time and money investment for a testable product, leaving potential for redundancies. Also, the client may have to form a compromise with the product from pressure to accept software due to deadlines or budget constraints. The Agile method was formulated to relieve these issues by taking a collaborative approach. The client and developers working together, communicating expectations and progress in a feedback loop to ensure that the product is to the client’s satisfaction.

Tiempo Development utilizes Agile methodology throughout its development centers in Guadalajara, Hermosillo, and Monterrey, Mexico; for not only software, but for its employees’ benefit as well, by fostering a work culture that emphasizes collaboration. Each morning teams “huddle up” to go over progress, plans as well as setbacks to find the best solution to overcome them as a team.

For more information about how software developers are adopting the Agile methodology, read our eBook on Expanding & Extending Deployment Capability: The Role of Agile/Nearshore Methdologies In Professional Services. Learn more about how Tiempo Development combines the highly skilled talent of nearshore developers with the effectiveness of Agile methodology.

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