The Beauty of Software Architecture and Design

3 Traits of Beautiful Software Architecture and Design

What makes software beautiful? When people talk about a “gorgeous application,” you immediately know exactly what they mean, right? They aren’t just talking about the User Interface, (in fact, maybe they aren’t talking about UI at all).

It’s also having an elegant experience. It’s about the flow of your application and how your customers interact with it. How does the software move your user experience forward and fuel your base in tackling tasks in new, simple, and intuitive ways?

Can the “beauty” of software be quantified or measured? Probably not, but the most beautiful software applications available usually share the following traits:

1. Does it have integrity?

Truly aesthetic software solves one problem and solves it better than any other software application. It doesn’t get away from its main goal or try to stretch into a one-fits-all solution with numerous purposes and functionalities. Really beautiful software is relentlessly committed to the cause it was developed around. It gets to the heart of user’s main objective and develops the most simple, elegant and intuitive technology around it.

How can we help? Tiempo Development offers complete Business Discovery & Analysis services. Our software architecture services focus on creating functionally elegant solutions, centered around the unique needs of your customers and your business.

At Tiempo, we perform extensive business discovery and analysis, working closely with you at every stage of development to analyze the current system context and business drivers. This helps us to build the product vision with you, including the architecture and design requirements aligning critical systems, features and functionalities.

Every product vision relies on the right paperwork too. Tiempo’s software architecture services include the provision of complete documentation, accessible to developers and other business stakeholders. We provide thorough documentation and modeling that effectively describes high-level logical organization and class method level design.

2. Is it innovative?

It isn’t uncommon for beautiful software to offer unimagined solutions in brand new ways completely different from what your users have used previously experienced. Innovative application designs are different from what users expect from similar or competing software applications.

That’s because being truly innovative means solving a problem in a new and simple way that’s never been attempted before. It steps away from the familiar “me too” software for innovative solutions that are as transparent as they are exotic – the application draws your users in and almost shows them where to click without trying.

You’ve had the same experience, maybe it was the first time you used an iPhone or smart watch. You’d never seen the approach before, but after you’ve seen and interacted with it, you can’t imagine how you lived without it before. The new approach makes you cognizant of new areas for improvement in your life or business, or even new threats that you weren’t aware of previously.

3. Is it simple?

A beautiful piece of software is all about creating an experience, and usability is the biggest part of that. Elegant technologies teach us the moves even if the dance is new. It coaxes us through the steps in a clean, intuitive way, eliminating vulnerability for misuse or errors with its easy-to-use features. It predicts your users’ needs and reaction every step of the way, guiding them in the right direction, pulling them away from features that are opposing or irrelevant.

Intuitive software makes the basics accessible while still leaving more advanced features intact so more experienced or tech savvy users can harness its complete and full potential.

How we can help?

Tiempo’s Quality Assurance services help you create the most intuitive and engaging user experience possible by eliminating any unforeseen challenges or bugs along the way. Learn more about our Quality Assurance and Testing Services.

So where does beautiful software even start?

In answering the questions above you probably noticed that none of them are dictated by technology. The choice of ruby or F#or NoSQL or cloud isn’t what’s going to make a software application stand out.

The key requirements for developing beautiful technology are a real product vision, a commitment to innovation, and an investment in your users and their interaction with your software.

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