The Benefits of Offshore Software Development in Your Time Zone

Many offshore software development firms work in significantly different time zones than the hiring companies. The difference between New York and Manilla, Philippines or Bangalore, India is 12 hours. Even slight differences in time zones make the software development and implementation process more difficult, so you can imagine how challenging these large differences are. When considering an offshore software development firm, it’s important to consider what the challenges are behind time zone differences and what you gain by working with companies in the same time zone.

What are the challenges of time zone differences?

In these situations, many companies prefer a product owner based locally to interact on a regular basis with the development team. However, it is costly to hire, or host product leads in offshore countries. Not to mention, this contradicts the entire reason that companies choose to offshore their development work.

If companies don’t have a product owner based locally, they tend to come up with creative (yet frustrating) solutions to handle the time differences. Many organizations allocate less time sensitive development work to the offshore company. Unfortunately, this also undermines the reason the company outsourced in the first place, and leaves too much software development to be handled internally.

If your company follows agile methodology, then you definitely understand the value of speed, adaptability and daily scrums. But many offshore companies must work with slow, process based development methodologies because offshore time differences are contradictory to an agile methodology. If companies want to benefit from agile development, then they need to consider alternative outsourcing options.

What are the benefits of choosing offshore software development in nearshore time zone?

Instead of using solutions located halfway around the world, companies should consider offshore options within their own time zone. Having the same time zone means significantly easier communication and implementation.

In fact, choosing an offshore company within your own time zone helps solve all of the above challenges. Your product owner can remain with you and still meet with your nearshore development team on a regular basis for ongoing communication. Real-time communication is always available, so you can outsource time-sensitive projects. And you can implement agile implementation and daily scrums.

What are the overall benefits of offshore software development in nearshore time zone?

  • Easier communication
  • Regular short status meetings
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Continuous integration
  • Easier contact visits
  • Less cultural adjustment
  • Control budget
  • Attain target delivery dates