The Importance of QA when Developing Software

Software Impact

Businesses and consumers alike are reliant on software. For a company, the quality of software can greatly impact the success of the business. Reliable, quality software can drive the growth of new customers and increase profitability exponentially. In contrast, poor quality, bug-containing software is capable of running a business into the ground. Knowing this, wouldn’t one find it imperative for the best quality software to be developed? Yes, we agree.

Constant change requires constant improvement

In technology, change is virtually constant. It is often said that change is good, and that is normally the case. The ever-changing advancements in technology, however, perpetuate frequent examinations of go to market strategies and requirements. Meeting market requirements and keeping up with changing technology requires constant improvement in the software development process. Budget and deadline demands often require software feature flexibility. This flexibility requires agility, and in turn, puts pressure on testing cycles that are necessary to identify defects quickly and efficiently. The quicker a fix, the better.

With the ever evolving change there is uncertainty in knowing that what worked in the past will also work in the future, and remaining stagnant is not an option. Constant change requires constant improvement. The success of software is dependent on this, as are processes and procedures that ensure a quality end product.

Testing is essential for a quality outcome

A well-defined process is a major step in obtaining the collaboration required by an agile approach, but key tools are also needed to take collaboration to the next level. For example, modern software development routinely uses tools to manage bugs and stories in a structured manner. The Quality Assurance team members in mature organizations typically use test case management tools to automate unit and integration testing.

The tools, however, often lack the integration and cross-referencing required by the cross-functional teams in agile development. For example, a QA team member runs automated testing and generates reports on the discovered issues, while other team members remain unaware of those issues. This disconnect between tools can lead to poor quality, and the lack of traceability can make the collaboration process unnecessarily complex. Fortunately, a few simple practices can ensure the entire development team remains aware of the current state of the project regardless of their individual locations.

Comprehensive QA testing strategies are a large part of software development. With Tiempo Development’s Nearshore software development, there is the option of utilizing current testing practices or taking advantage of our professional consultation for the implementation of processes – like Test Factories and Test Automation, using proprietary frameworks or commercial tools. This is imperative as obtaining an in-depth look at testing practices can help execute test plans more efficiently by utilizing quality metrics for tracking results.

Accelerating Time to Market

Quality also has a major impact on the success and timing of a software release. Of course, the quicker the release, the quicker profits and the return on investment is achieved. Having these best practices in place helps build faster, test faster, release faster and improve quality at the same time. Tiempo uses a proven test-tool selection process as well as industry-leading automation strategies, approaches and frameworks. We accelerate time to market with a quality “find, fix and retest” cycle and then develop and implement the very best solution for your application.

Since 2006, Tiempo Development has been helping companies with quality testing all over the United States as a dedicated external team and as a complement to internal teams as well. Our customers appreciate the fact that we seamlessly integrate and assimilate, always taking tremendous pride in the quality of our customers’ products, which shows in the end product. Allow us to prove what having a truly dedicated partner does for the quality of your software. And, let’s build great software together!

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