The Importance of Tiempo Internal Culture and Knowledge Transfer

One of the best way to learn about a company’s brand, and what they have to offer, is to look at their internal culture. Strong internal cultures give employees direction and a framework on how to interact with colleagues and their new ideas. When using Agile methodologies in software development, it is important that employees feel confident in communicating ideas and technical knowledge to build the highest-quality software, fast.

Enabling confidence is a process that requires companies to invest in the needs and professional growth of their employees. At Tiempo Development, we place a high priority in helping our teams work to their fullest potential with employee-oriented initiatives.

Developing a Culture that Works

Building creative solutions requires an environment that allows open communication for collaboration. Our employees are enabled to set and meet their own professional goals, bringing greater value to their teams.

Working with Values

Employees are encouraged to live company values that emphasize care for the quality of work and working as a team. When Tiempo Development interviews a potential candidate, they take into consideration the beliefs and motivations of the candidate, as well as their technical background. Tiempo Development believes that each member is an important component to building an efficient team. Teams are configured for compatibility based on their professional interests and technical growth. This ensures that all solutions are sought with the expertise of employees who take a genuine interest in seeing their clients succeed.

To help employees build their professional skills, they have access to an expansive career program that connects employees to skill-building resources – such as libraries, modules, and certification courses – and a peer-mentorship program. Employees stay motivated by working with mentors to find their career focus and build a roadmap for their own professional success, bringing value to their team.

Employee Centered Policies

Most of Tiempo Development’s policies are focused around creating an environment that promotes collaboration and creative solutions. In an Agile framework, teams need a sense of unity to effectively work together. To help teams achieve cohesion, work schedules and dress code are flexible and teams are encouraged to participate in team-building exercises and activities.

All offices follow an open-floor plan for free-flowing communication. This includes the offices of upper-management, granting employees access to communicate their strategies and ideas upwards without constraint. Teams who are performing work remotely are always logged into Skype and Google Hangouts for accessibility.

Having a work environment that allows for the free-flow communication is integral to Agile teams. In using Agile methodologies, teams rely less on time-consuming documentation for knowledge transfer and focus more on in-depth discussions, answering any questions or ambiguities about the development process.

Open Communication for Efficient Knowledge Transfer

Following the principles of Agile methodologies, knowledge transfer is communicated through huddles and mentorships. While other software development architectures place heavy reliance on detailed documentation, this method use a lot of time for clarity. With Agile, huddles serve as the main form of knowledge transfer with light documentation used for the purpose of recording priorities and key progress indicators.

At Tiempo Development, all engineers are required to join at least one huddle per-week and team managers must join at least two huddles per-week or more, depending on the stage of development. Team huddles speed the knowledge transfer process because updates are discussed for clarity with opportunities to ask questions.

Tiempo Quality System

In addition to huddles and mentorships, Tiempo Development created the Tiempo Quality System (TQS) – a framework based on Agile methodologies that brings the software development team together with the client to access build velocity and quality through discussions about real-life software uses and concerns. This open discussion provides the development team with a source of fast feedback, keeping the team updated on the direction of their efforts and a measure of priorities.

Another tool available to the development team is the Tiempo Development Configurator – a highly comprehensive assessment of development variables, coding standards, skills and technologies required, testing parameters, and definitions for success. This tool acts as a set of rules to guide developers and can be accessed at any time, outside of formal meetings, giving teams constant access to information to help them with the software development.

The internal culture of Tiempo Development has been a major component to delivering the highest-quality of software. We provide employees with frameworks that promote the open-discussion of ideas and encourage collaboration for efficient Agile teams. By keeping our teams well-informed on the latest practices and requirements, we can build customized solutions with the needs of the client in mind.

Tiempo Development created the Tiempo Quality System (TQS) to foster open-communication with developers and clients to build software that best meets their needs as efficiently as possible. The TQS provides teams with resources and opportunities to discuss innovative ideas that are unique to each client. For more information about Tiempo Development’s approach to create your high-quality software, read our whitepaper about the Tiempo Quality System.

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