The Next Big Thing in Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, or AI, there is much speculation regarding what the ‘next big thing’ will be.  This is, at least in part, due to the fact that the potential for AI is virtually limitless.  It is impossible to know what it will be capable of achieving because much of what will likely be accomplished by AI has not yet happened, or even begun to form.  So much potential is still speculation, albeit educated speculation.  However, we are already seeing AI in use in a wide array of applications and when it comes to what the next big thing in AI will be, there is a good chance it will involve voice recognition.

Voice recognition is hot right now and that will likely continue throughout 2019 and beyond.  You would have to be hiding under a rock to have missed the explosion of things like Google Home and Amazon Echo.  And, while being able to automate processes and purchases more efficiently with things like Google Home and Amazon Echo are useful, that is really only the tip of the voice recognition iceberg.

“Hey Alexa, Tell Me About Voice Recognition”

Voice recognition is certainly not a new technology – anyone that has ever had to repeat (read: yell with great frustration) the same word over and over again with the hopes that the software would understand you is all too familiar with it. But, with AI, voice recognition software quality has dramatically improved and its potential has greatly expanded.

DZone explains how voice recognition software with AI works, “(Voice recognition programs) work using algorithms through acoustic and linguistic modeling. Acoustic modeling signifies the connection between linguistic units of speech and audio signals and language modeling matches the sounds with word sequences to distinguish between words that sound similar. This software can be used in homes and businesses, which can enable users to speak to their computers and have their words converted into text via word processing and voice recognition. You can access function commands like setting an alarm, opening files, making a reservation at your favorite restaurant, and much more. On the other hand, some mobile apps are for precise business settings, such as medical or legal transcriptions.”

“I’m Sorry, Can You Say That Again?” – Challenges Facing Voice Recognition

One of the biggest challenges facing voice recognition is the sheer amount of machine learning necessary.  There are so many voices, inflections, accents, languages, speech impediments, and more.  And, for voice recognition technology to truly be robust and high-performing, it must account for the wide array of demographics it may need to serve.


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Voice Recognition and AI in 2019 – “What Can I Help You With?”

2019 will be a big year for artificial intelligence and voice recognition.  More and more people will begin to use, or continue to use, voice recognition as a part of their daily home and work lives.  Any time tech giants like Apple and Google latch onto something like they have with voice recognition, it has pretty good odds of only getting bigger and of other companies and individuals using and advancing it.

Most projections expect that about 50% of all searches will be executed with voice recognition by the year 2020.  For programmers, this means that great attention needs to be paid to honing programming language skills that are uniquely suited to AI and voice recognition software.

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