The No. 1 Question Everyone Working in Artificial Intelligence Should Know How to Answer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic of discussion because of recent advancements and the potential the technology holds.  There are many questions surrounding AI and, if you work in the field, you will likely be asked just about every question.  But, if there is one question we believe you should know the answer to, it is ‘why’?  Why do we need artificial intelligence?  If you don’t know the why, the rest does not really matter.  But, once you understand why we need it, the importance of learning more about AI becomes clear.

Q: Why Do We Need Artificial Intelligence?

A:  While, at first glance, the question is relatively short and straightforward, the reality is that it is a rather complex question with an equally complex, albeit longer, answer.

The world has long been fascinated with the concept of artificial intelligence and the potential the technology holds. For decades we have speculated and guessed at what exactly artificial intelligence is capable of.  As machine learning and AI technologies have advanced, a clearer picture of capabilities has emerged but that is exactly what has complicated the answer. There is virtually limitless potential with AI. It is this limitless potential that is why we need artificial intelligence.


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While many working in technology and even directly in the artificial intelligence field fear that the potential of AI may eliminate the need for their job, they power on in their pursuit because what AI is already doing and may be able to do is something that the world ultimately needs. AI will permeate every industry because, as we have often seen, AI technologies tend to excel at being accurate, saving time, improving energy efficiency, and saving money. These things are in high demand at any company.

Being accurate, saving time, improving energy efficiency, and saving money lead to a multitude of things that range from customer satisfaction to saving lives. Is there any industry in which these things would not be important? It is this diversity that sets AI up for success because AI can make improvements in just about every field when strategically and effectively used. Artificial intelligence is capable of analyzing data, retrieving answers, and solving problems more quickly and with more accuracy than humans can, and that cannot be ignored.

Though AI technology is incredibly advanced in many areas, there is still much machine learning and deep learning that needs to take place before it eliminates job categories for humans. It’s imperative that we look at AI, not as a threat, but as a tool that adds value, in many ways. Further, AI will ultimately create many new jobs as well. If you work in AI, it is important to understand why we need AI so that you can continue to receive the education and training you need to ensure job safety. By anticipating its potential and preparing accordingly, you can set yourself up for a future in artificial intelligence.

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