Tiempo Development gets $2.2 million from Cypress Growth Capital Fund

Tiempo Development is pleased to announce we have secured $2.2 million in royalty financing from Cypress Growth Capital. Tiempo creates world-class software and provides support services to successful, competitive companies that take software products to market or depend on software to run their business. The funding will be primarily used on upgrading our Guadalajara facility and for Marketing and Sales initiatives. CEO Cliff Schertz said “This truly represents moving to a new chapter in the Tiempo book”.

Cypress Growth Capital is the largest and most active royalty-based growth capital firm in the United States. An alternative to traditional debt and equity instruments, royalty-based growth capital offers entrepreneurs access to significant funding while preserving equity and control. Cypress invests $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 in software and technology-enabled business services companies located in the Southwest. With available capital, a demonstrated track record of eighteen, multimillion-dollar royalty-based investments, and an investment team that has extensive entrepreneurial and operating experience, Cypress Growth Capital is a proven and valued funding partner.

“We have built a very strong value proposition for our customers and are one of the best places in the world for a software engineer to have a career. The Cypress Growth Capital royalty based model is a perfect fit for where we are in the growth of our company. This funding will help us to increase that value and get the word out to the market that we are a viable option for their software development needs” said CEO Cliff Schertz.

About Tiempo Development

Tiempo offers a unique and very successful combination of a nearshore business model, agile methodology, deep expertise, and advanced talent management. We build for you the powerful software that fits your vision and strategy, no matter whether you rely on it to run your own business or whether it is a product you provide to your customers. When time matters, we help you accomplish software releases that deliver the business value you look for with great velocity and most cost-effectively. To learn more, visit www.tiempodev.com or contact Tiempo Development.