Tiempo Development Significantly Expands Development Services With Recent Acquisition

Tiempo Development™ a leading nearshore software development outsourcing company announced that it has recently acquired Jaguar Labs, a full-service mobile software development firm specializing in native Android and native iOS as well as UI/UX Consulting Services. The purchase will better serve the needs of Tiempo’s customers in markets that are actively shaped by the rise in mobile technologies.

The acquisition of the Jalisco-based custom development group fits into Tiempo’s strategy of supporting software releases of businesses across the country with a combination of nearshore software development outsourcing, agile methodologies and advanced, bilingual and bicultural software engineering talent. By purchasing the company, Tiempo significantly broadens its mobile app development services offerings to clients in B2B, Cloud Computing, FinanceHealthcare, Legal, Security and other industry sectors.

“With our recent acquisition of Jaguar Labs, Tiempo assures we maintain our position at the forefront of mobile technology development by continually growing our nearshore talent base.” said Cliff Schertz, Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President at Tiempo. “We are ready to partner with more businesses in engaging an evolving and broadening user base online.”

Tiempo’s proprietary agile product lifecycle management framework called Tiempo Quality System or TQS is another reason their presence is expanding. TQS is composed of principals and best practices that ensure productive client and team interactions and as a result, efficient software development. By combining outsourcing and agile best practices into TQS along with nearshore delivery, Tiempo provides tremendous value and customers across the U.S. are able to benefit from this expertise.

About Tiempo Development

At Tiempo, we are making the business of software development easier and more affordable with a unique combination of a nearshore business model, agile methodology, and advanced talent management. Our Development teams engineer powerful technologies that align with the goals and strategies of our customers for both their internal and public-facing development initiatives. The Tiempo Quality System is the agile product lifecycle management framework that makes all of this possible and supports companies in launching software releases sooner without draining important resources. To learn more, visit www.tiempodev.com or contact Tiempo Development.