Tiempo Development to Participate in Nearshore Nexus 2015

Tiempo Development joins panel discussion and participates in Nearshore Nexus 2015, the premier industry event

Invitation By MexicoIT Will Assist Businesses And Nearshore Experts Connect With Tiempo’s Unique Value Proposition

On April 30, 2015, Tiempo Development will participate in Nearshore Nexus 2015 at the Apella Event Space in Alexandria Center, New York City. The fifth iteration of Nearshore Nexus, the 2015 event will bring together technology companies from the Latin American countries, businesses, and industry thought leaders to explore strategic opportunities and developments in the nearshore realm. An invitation-only conference, Nearshore Nexus is widely known for its rich opportunities for creating rewarding relationships as well as its insightful speakers and executive panels.

Tiempo Development was invited to Nearshore Nexus 2015 by Platinum Sponsor MexicoIT, an initiative supported by the Mexican federal government that aims to help corporations connect with the world-class quality, nearshore resources available within the country. Cliff Schertz, CEO of Tiempo Development said, “Nearshore Nexus 2015 will be an interesting check point to survey the evolution of nearshore services across the region and connect with the people and companies that help nearshore become more strategically valuable. As we grow our business, we will continue to collaborate with our strategic partner, MexicoIT, in advancing nearshore outsourced software development and creating jobs in Mexican technology hubs.”

In commenting on his invitation, Guillermo González King, CEO of MexicoIT, said, “Tiempo is a perfectexample of a highly innovative IT solution provider spawned from the initiative and entrepreneurialism of a U.S. citizen who saw the benefits of doing business in and with Mexico—its close neighbor with a highly qualified, growing, English-speaking population of IT professionals, low operating costs, a highly compatible business culture, and conveniently close time zones. These advantages are directly accessible but, so far, largely untapped by the U.S. IT service market.”

At Nearshore Nexus 2015, conference participants can meet Tiempo Development at a booth shared with MexicoIT. In addition, Tiempo’s Cliff Schertz will participate in the Mexico Leadership Panel, which begins at 1:30 p.m. As the founder of Tiempo Development, Schertz will be able to share insights from his company’s nine-year track record of delivering successful software solutions and platforms to ISVs and businesses across a wide range of industries. For more than 25 years, Schertz has been leading and growing successful technology service companies, enabling his customers to achieve superior performance, high customer satisfaction, and profitability. He recently received an award for lifetime entrepreneurial achievements from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.

MexicoIT CEO González will also join the panel, which will be moderated by Tobby Redshaw, CEO of Kevington Advisors.

For more information about Nearshore Nexus 2015, navigate to www.nexus2015.com or follow @nearshorenexus on Twitter. You can find MexicoIT at www.mexico-it.net/ and @mexicoit.

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