Tiempo Trailblazers: An Interview with Ernesto Ibarra

Ernesto Ibarra is a Software Architect at Tiempo Development and has been with the company for nearly 8 years. He started working with Tiempo Development when they had 20 employees and was brought on as a senior engineer for a major project, and has since then seen the company grow to become a leader in nearshore software development services.

As a Software Architect, Ernesto manages the merger of design and development, working with the software engineers and designers to create a product that meets the exact needs of the client. He is highly experienced in working with client to evaluate their business requirements, processes, and information systems to see development through completion.

We interviewed Ernesto to discuss his expertise as a Software Architect and gain insight on how Tiempo Development creates high-quality software.

Why did you join Tiempo Development?

I joined Tiempo Development because I thought it was a great company with a very nice work environment, which also provides the tools and mechanisms for improving my professional skills. Working for Tiempo allowed me to apply my knowledge and expertise on important projects for clients located in the U.S. I’ve been working with Tiempo since they were a small company of about 20 employees. I started as a senior software engineer, and was brought on to work with one of the larger clients at the time. My main role as senior software engineer was to help our engineers apply the proper techniques and best practices to the requirements.

What do you enjoy most about Tiempo?

The company has always been flexible to change. How we use Agile methodologies and our company culture has changed a lot. The company takes a lot of pride in making sure the engineers and designers have the tools they need.

At the same time, the employees here invest a lot into the company by enacting our core values. We always strive to maintain a high level of integrity with everything we do – be it certification training or team exercises – management trusts us to do what we can to meet the needs of our clients.

What are your areas of expertise?

In my role as a Software Architect, I perform evaluations of business requirements and technologies, select the appropriate solutions for the clients projects and make sure that the final product will satisfy the business needs of the client. I have years of experience in leading engineers and designers throughout the entire lifecycle of software development – from the initial design stages to deployment. I specialize in Microsoft technologies, having personally designed and developed solutions using the Microsoft Stack. 

One of the best things about working at Tiempo is their encouragement to pursue and refresh your certifications and skills (Technical or Soft skills). I am always looking for opportunities to better my skills in the Microsoft Stack and recently on open source frameworks, earning numerous TS and MCPD: Microsoft Certifications for .NET Frameworks along other open source certificates. Bettering our skills to offer our clients a greater value is something we take seriously at Tiempo.

What are some of your favorite tools to use?

Working with the Microsoft Stack has allowed me to work with many tools to create complex solutions. I use C# as my primary language tool and am always updated to the latest version of Visual Studio 2015 for the development environment. I also use SQL Server as my RDMS within this mix and use them as my foundation for a software project. I find this combination to be highly compatible with other tools, such as:

  • .NET Frameworks
  • WPF for Graphics Device Interfaces
  • Silverlight plug-ins
  • AIS Server to host applications
  • WCF to host web services
  • Angular JS, HTML 5 and Node JS for Windows-based web applications

As a Software Architect with a background in the Microsoft Stack, I need to be knowledgeable with an arsenal of tools that will help the engineers work to meet the software requirements. For example, I’m currently helping a team define their platform for production. Before the platform is ready, we need to go in and do a lot of automation for information collection, processing, storage, and release. I’m creating the environments, tools, and templates to automate the deployment process before the product is released live. It’s really technical work and it will help us accelerate the release of the product at each stage of the process.

Ernesto Ibarra works closely with clients to understand their needs and technical requirements to develop complex software solutions. His years of experience in engineering with the Microsoft Stack and management ensure that all software is built with the best Agile and development practices. To learn more about Tiempo Development’s work in engineering high-quality software, read our case studies here.

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