Tiempo Trailblazers: An Interview with Javier Trevino

Javier Trevino is a Software Engineer Lead with Tiempo Development at the Monterrey development center. He has been with Tiempo Development for over 4 years, taking on critical leadership roles as a full-stack developer and mentor to newer developers. He earned a degree in Computer Sciences from the Tecnologico de Monterrey and has nearly 10-years of experience in developing Java-based technologies. We interviewed Javier to discuss his expertise and provide insight on creating high-quality software.

How did you hear about Tiempo Development?

I first heard of Tiempo Development through other professionals who were interested in working with the company. I became interested in the company when I heard how great things about the work culture at Tiempo Development and how it performed like Agile software development firms in the United States. I applied, got the interview and took on a Senior Software Engineer position with Tiempo Development in 2011.

What are some of your areas of expertise?

As a full-stack developer, I am knowledgeable in taking software development through all the stages of its development lifecycle – from the initial designs to production servers. I’ve also has earned certifications in Java SE 7 Programming, Object-Oriented analysis and Design using UML from Oracle.

You’ve mentioned your interest in Tiempo Development grew after hearing about the work culture. What about the culture do you enjoy the most?

From a software developer’s standpoint, I love how I am able to express my ideas or thoughts to help advance a project. I’ve worked with other companies that sponsored the practice of having an open-floor to discuss ideas, but you wouldn’t really have much of an audience. At Tiempo, we are enthusiastic about being Agile and are open to talking ideas. Especially if it will ultimately result in better software for the client.

As a lead, I’m always thankful to have such a talented team to work with. Everyone in the company has gone through a tough interviewing process to ensure that all engineers have the skills and experience needed for the rigor of our work. Everyone in the office is also incredibly friendly and interested in bettering themselves. I can always count on my team, as much as they count on me to get things done.

What is a favorite project that you’ve work on?

One of my favorite projects was working on a cyber security solution that detects, prevents, and responds to cyber security threats for Fortune 500 companies. I worked on the ELT process of its servers to interpret benchmark scores, turning incoming data into context for users to help them make better decisions. It was an interesting project that taught me a lot. I developed it entirely on my own – through design, build, test and deployment.

What is being a coach at Tiempo Development like?

I meet with my team at least once a week to catch-up on their projects and answer any questions they may have. I typically assign an activity to for us to do together, depending on their progress I may mix it up some. Performing activities together helps me better understand their current skills and comfort in working with difficult projects. It normally takes two months of coaching to get them confident in their abilities. After coaching is over, I always make myself available as a resource, but they tend to be autonomous after coaching.

What is your overall experience as a coach?

It’s wonderful! I’ve learned that a great leader is more than someone who simply gives orders. A great leader needs to be invested in the interest and well-being of their team. Otherwise, how can a leader expect their team to be self-invested into the project? Everyone that I’ve coached has been a fast learner and is always eager to be better today, than they were yesterday.

Any last thoughts about Tiempo Development?

Tiempo has a lot of talented people. I’ve had the privilege to work with our CEO, and all other departments throughout the company. Everyone is constantly thinking about ways to bring more value to the software that we build for our clients. Which is great for us as developers, because it allows us to work with more complicated projects and prove our skills.

Javier Trevino is an effective leader in bringing out the talents of our software engineers. With his work, we’ve developed powerful Java-based solutions with a team of confident developers who make it their goal to build the highest-quality software for clients. For more information about how Tiempo Development offers robust software with Agile methodologies, read our case studies here.

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