Tiempo Trailblazers: An Interview with Miguel Camargo

Miguel Camargo is a Software Developer III at Tiempo Development and has been with the company since 2011. His most recent work with Tiempo Development has been developing mobile applications that run on Android and iOS devices. He is also highly experienced in using .NET Frameworks and the C# language to build Microsoft based technologies.

We interviewed Miguel to gain insight about the work culture at Tiempo Development and his expertise in developing mobile applications.

Why did you join Tiempo Development?

I’ve worked with Tiempo before and enjoyed my experience here. They’re a great company and have only been getting better over the years. I started working at Tiempo in 2008, at the time here were less than 40 people in the entire company. Many of the people came to Tiempo because it provides us with challenging work that would better our skills. Especially back then when the company was much smaller, we had to diversify our skills to meet demand. I’d say that culture persists today. A lot of the software engineers here want to keep improving, and Tiempo offers us the resources and opportunities to do just that.

Interesting, is that what you enjoy the most about the work culture?

It’s definitely been a major driver for me. Most of my experience has been focused around Microsoft technologies. But this year I’ve had a lot more experience with mobile applications, developing for the major operating systems like Android and iOS.

What else about the work culture helps motivate developers?

All of my colleagues are really friendly, and they’re always willing to offer you advice on builds. I think that’s really important – open communication with your teammates and management.

Tiempo also invests a lot of time and effort in team-building events. We’re an Agile company, so it’s important for us to feel comfortable in approaching one another about the build. For example, we recently had our Halloween party, which was organized by the social committee at the Hermosillo center. The committee is made up of volunteer employees and they were given a budget by the company to organize the event. Another example, whenever my team and I want a change of environment, we go to the nearby coffee shop and work there. It’s nice to be able to get out of the office and work somewhere new. It puts us in a different mindset for when we need to get creative.

What tools and technologies do you use to develop mobile applications?

The tools that I use depend on the software or mobile application that I’m developing. The majority of my experience has been with Microsoft technologies:

  • C# programming language
  • .NET frameworks 2.0 – 4.0
  • ASP .NET MVC frameworks for web applications
  • Silverlight plug-ins
  • SQL Server RDBMS
  • Visual Studio 2015 IDE

Recently, one tool that I’ve been using extensively is Xamarin. It’s a cross-platforming tool that allows me to use code in C# to develop mobile applications for Android and iOS, at the same time. There are other cross-platforming tools like Xamarin, but what makes Xamarin unique is that it has native user interface controls. It can get very platform specific, allowing me to use native API’s to develop a full-range of functionality, relatively quickly.

Many of our clients love our partnership with Xamarin because we can build mobile applications for all major markets in a much shorter amount of time. Xamarin is really good about preserving the quality and complexity of the code too. I know this is a problem for other cross-platforming tools, but we can build them quickly with optimal quality.

What other projects have you worked on?

I’ve worked on many web applications for healthcare systems. It was an interesting project, because the web application had to connect to a lot of databases and process a dense amount of information. When it comes to the movement of information, especially within the health industry, you need to go through certification processes to ensure that all matters of security are present. They were fun projects and the clients were excited with the results.

Miguel Camargo is an ambitious software developer at Tiempo Development who is always looking for innovative ways to create better software and mobile applications for his clients. His expertise in Microsoft technologies and Xamarin save his client’s time and money in developing the highest-quality software mobile applications. To learn more about Tiempo Development’s work with clients from across all major industries, read our case studies here.

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