Tiempo Update: Productivity from Home Offices

Your Tiempo team(s) have now been working from home offices since Mid-March. In this update I will address the following important questions: “How is Tiempo managing work-from-home teams?” And “What effect does working from home have on productivity?”

Managing WFH Teams

While building and managing distributed teams has been one of the company’s strengths since Tiempo’s inception, doing so in today’s shelter-from-home business environment has never been more important. When Covid 19 hit, we quickly mobilized and moved over all our Agile developers to home offices with an edict not to allow any service disruptions. A massive number of activities were coordinated.

Communication initiatives were immediately ramped up. Security measurements were put into place via a Zero Trust Network. “Health check” calls between employees and managers were supplemented with all-employee webinars on topics ranging from managing stress, understanding Corona Virus and WFH best practices. A Stay-At-Home portal was stood up as a central repository of health and productivity information. Virtual training academies were initiated where employees championed their expertise with peers to accelerate technical certifications and broaden their expertise. Social committees organized virtual happy hours and social get-togethers. Focus groups were used to better understand each employee’s personal experiences, challenges and opportunities. We asked our employees to share their WFH practices and here’s a video that inspired us all:


The result of this flurry of activity was our employees quickly found a rhythm and work-life balance that was reflected in their positive individual and team productivity.

Ensuring Productivity

Measuring productivity at Tiempo is not new, but with the changing work environments mandated by Covid19, we placed even greater focus on measuring and understanding client throughput. “Has productivity changed?” “If so, how?” “And how can it be optimized?” While KPIs vary somewhat by clients and project types, in most cases we measure productivity by comparing committed and delivered story points. How big was the story and did we deliver as promised? Other performance metrics used by Tiempo include Reliability, Focus Factor and Average Velocity. We have been pleased with the results. In virtually every case, productivity from home offices has maintained or increased over pre-Covid times. For some team members this resulted from re-investing their commute time. For others, their work life balance has increased productivity. And for some, it’s the need to demonstrate leadership during challenging times.

We expect productivity metrics to be a point of conversation in most of our upcoming quarterly business reviews and we look forward to discussing this topic further and gleaning your experiences.


Cliff SchertzCliff Schertz
CEO and Founder

Tiempo Development